Dear Diary: Biggie Edition

June 2012

Dear Virtual Diary,

6 am: It takes me a few minutes to get up in the morning. The sun is barely peeking out from behind the prim clouds so early in the morning. My eyes don’t want to focus. I’m not blaming it on the tequila I drank last night. I just need to sit here for a moment before I get dressed.


7am: OK. I’m finally dressed. I have no weird headaches this morning so I was completely victorious over last nights tequila bender. What I need is a good breakfast before heading out to the office.

Wait! Did I just say breakfast?

I’m more of a cereal bar on the go kinda gal. Maybe the tequila did something to me. Or maybe I’ve just turned into a weird sitcom parody.

Crazy Cow Cereal! Breakfast Of Champions!

8am: It’s such a beautiful day out Diary. Strangely enough it’s almost always a beautiful day. It’s always sunny. It’s always bright. For some strange reason I feel that someone is pulling my strings. Forcing me to walk through the sunny forest. Suddenly changing the sky to make it look pink or purple.

Must have taken a a wrong turn at Albuquerque.


I think I’m going to take the long way to work today. To, you know, soak in some of the never-ending good weather we seem to always get.

9:30am: OK. So maybe I took the super long way to the office. I should probably feel guilty about this but I don’t. Virtually working for no one but yourself does have its perks. One of which is not having to deal with idiots. I have no time for them. Wait…now I’m just wasting time bitching.

Time to get to work Diary. I have so much to write today.

3pm: I’ve been writing all day. I completely skipped lunch but I’m just too damn tired to bother. I think I will sit on the office couch for a while & watch a bit of Second Life television. Then I’ll finish up my work

Chillin’ At My Office.

5pm: Fuck. I fell asleep on the couch. I need to quickly finish up the rest of my writing & get some dinner. Tonight I plan on behaving myself Diary. A nice quiet dinner then home to read a good book in bed. No alcohol. Just a nice glass of ice water & a well-behaved time at home.

7pm: FINALLY I get to go have some dinner. There is this new sushi restaurant that I have been meaning to check out.

A Quiet Prim Dinner.

It’s in a “shady” part of the grid that is strangely marked “Adult”. Suddenly it feels strange to me that we mark areas of land A, M, & G. I need to shake this weird puppet string feeling & eat something before I starve.

10pm: Hello wonderful Diary. Do you remember how I said I was going to behave myself, drink water, & just go home for the evening? Well…I didn’t. I’m sorry Diary.

I finished my dinner & kinda started wandering around this “Adult” area of town. There were quite a few “scary” looking bars with shady characters. I tried to pick the least scary looking one & blend into the wall next to the jukebox.

Hiding By The Jukebox.

I am thinking, oh kind Diary, that one drink won’t do any damage. One drink then I swear I will take the next teleport home. I’ll still read my book. Still drink a glass of something non-alcoholic. Go to bed at a decent hour.

2:30am: Diary…don’t yell at me. I swear I don’t know how I got to this point. Hell…I don’t remember the hours between Midnight & now. One minute I am chatting with a few nice avatars named “Buzz Saw” & “Barfing Betty” then the next minute I wake up with my head on a table. A really large hairy bartender screaming “LAST CALL” over my head.

The Night Is A Tad Bit Fuzzy.

I am heading home right now dearest Diary. Taking the next public teleport to my nice warm bed. Tomorrow is a new day Diary. I’ll start to behave then.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I wanted to try out something a little different. All of the photos were edited for creativity using Pixlr Grabber. The various locations for the photos were:

 The wake up & breakfast photos were taken at my own home.

My morning walk was taken at Sparrow Song (M)

 The office photo was actually taken at my own in-world office.

The sushi dinner photo was taken at Miau’s Sushi Bar/Restaurant (A)

The last two bar photos were taken at the Missing Mile (M)

Check out the Dear Diary: Tiny Edition.


3 responses

  1. Don’t ya hate when that happens? Lol

    1. I don’t know how it keeps happening. LOL!

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