10 Random Facts About Me.

Jang Sung Young came up with an idea of 10 random facts about me on her blog. I decided to do it because it’s actually really hard to come up with ten random facts about yourself. Especially when it’s the internet & you all could be weird ax murdering freaks.

Yes I’m giving you all THE EYE!

Here goes nothing!

1. I am short. Not like midget short, not that I have anything against little people (you rock!), but short. This causes issues as I get a lot of “Awww you’re cute!” when I’m more of a “bathing in the tears of others as I make them cry” type of person. I just comes off fucking cute.


At least they don’t see it coming.

2. I am a vegetarian. Have been one for, thinking, thirteen years now. Maybe longer. I lost count. I Luuuuvvvv Animals Stupid.

3. I have multiple tattoos. None of the butterfly bullcrap on my ankle. I also have piercings. Hoo haa!

4. I am originally from a very large city but transplanted myself years ago into the country. By choice. When I drive by a cow, after all of these years, I still yell “COW!!!” at it.

5. I am an insane baseball fan that was born & raised to worship the awesome sport. Go Detroit Tigers! Born a fan. Will die a fan.  I somehow manage to watch or listen to every single damn game every season. Go me!

6. I have never met a “dominate” on Second Life that I have liked. Ever. They all just piss me off. I’ve seen more people use it as an excuse to abuse the shit out of people. I’ve also seen people who use it as an excuse for their behavior giving others a bad name.  Nothing personal. You could be a nice person but everyone else I have run into have ruined it for you buddy. Their fake asses reflected on you. Their off base representation of “the lifestyle” is so fuckered it screwed you all.  I’m too ball busting to put up with anyones shit.

7.  I love wearing dresses on Second Life but you won’t see me wearing one in real life.  I am more comfortable in a pair of cargo shorts & t-shirt.

8. I am a large martini snob. Gin, Dry Vermouth, olive. TADA! Just let the vermouth quickly say hi to the gin. Maybe even just smell the gin. I’ve made a waitress at a martini bar cry because they failed horribly in the drink making department.

Yes. I’m proud of that. Do something.

9. I once heckled Mark McGrath when he was performing a free concert with Sugar Ray on the beach. I was in the front row & yelled “Give it up. You haven’t had a hit since the 90s!” Then I left. Even though it was free Sugar Ray still sucks.

10. I get id’d for smokes & booze weekly. Got ID’d this week & the lady behind the counter told me I looked like some lady named “Florence”. I do not look like a Florence

“Tipsy” Cerulean


4 responses

  1. whatever, Florence lol cute post
    /me pats her tiny little head

    1. ROFLMAO! I swear I don’t look like a Florence. But you can pat my head.

  2. Florence :)) thanks for posting! ❤

    1. I swear…lol. No thank you! ❤

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