Nanotechnology Is Beautiful

Not a sentence you thought I would ever write but the The Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN)  somehow manages to make nanotechnology beautiful.

I happened upon the ICN – NaNoBoSc (M) purely on the roll of the SL search dice.  Listed under photogenic places I wasn’t paying attention to the name or description so much as the photo that was in the search. Colorful. Beautiful. I was bored & said “What the heck! Let’s check it out.” I’m glad I did.

Working Hard.

Nanotechnology interests me. I’ve watched countless documentaries on the subject so I was surprised to find out that this place I saw a pretty picture of was actually run by a nanotechnology institute. They are a ” non-profit international research institute located in Barcelona, Spain” which I found out by checking out their website.  Their in-world sim was devoid of any information pertaining to the sim itself except for a link to their website in their land details. It was also in Spanish which I took one whole semester of. (I took five years of French.) I may have missed a notecard or something to click on but I personally did not see anything.

Told You Nanotechnology Was Pretty!

It might not make a lot of sense to most people as to why the place is beautifully decorated in a colorful yet weird sort of way but it fits perfectly with what they do. If you don’t know what nanotechnology then you can either check out the wiki or this site which has a great video explanation. Wandering around this sim might make you a tad bit more interested in learning about nanotechnology.

I’m Absolutely Lost But OK With It.

I’ll get away from my nerd girl geekgasm science thingy for a moment to mention that this is a wonderful place to take SL photos. Good if you are trying for personal, fashion, or unusual photos.  I did find a few places to sit with others or float around in the water. Be sure to go through the tubes to discover what is connected to the top. (One I went in was completely white inside while another reminded me slightly of the inside of a sci-fi ship.

I do want to make one more geek mention. It’s nice to see something like this brought into Second Life. It goes to show that there are more uses for our virtual world than yelling “Wooo” in a club or buying a new pair of shoes.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

SLurl: ICN – NaNoBoSc (M) 


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