Stupid Sex Part 2: Wherefore Art Thou Sex?

I would have named it “Part 2: Dick Pants” but it just sounded all freakish.

“OH MY GOD! His dick is attached…TO HIS PANTS!!! AHHHHHH!!!”

Why would I even remotely consider naming this part “Dick Pants”? Because, damn it, I saw enough of it. Wandering around. Following me. One even tried pushing me into a corner.

Nobody puts..ummm..Tipsy in a corner. Not because I feel like dancing but because it just pisses me off.  Especially if it involves someone using a dick as a spear. Not into your man junk. Sorry.


I am really thinking that I might need to wear a sign that says “Here to write so don’t show me your penis. I don’t care.”. OK. That might be a little bit too long. How about “Writing about place. Do not disturb.” I would wear “Leave me the fuck alone” but that just seems rude.

Here are a few of the places I visited & suffered through so that you could go forth & have virtual sex someplace. Or visit just for shits & giggles. Or people watch. Whatever.

FMS = Fuck Me Silly Dirty Sex & Orgy Club (A)

Kinda hard for anyone to fuck anyone silly when you have security lines around your place. Which makes me ask what fucking silly would be exactly? Would one thrust only to slip on a banana peel? Would it be like having sex with a clown?

Funny how?

Why the hell would I want to get on the list to be able to be blessed with your shit ass jank crap places presence? People can just go someplace else. Are you just trying to use it to drum up lots of visits so you can just open someplace else on the land at a later date?  Idiots.

Dirty Dive (A)

If you look at the name of the place the full name listed is “Dirty Dive Free Sex Fuck Club & Rape Shack Orgy Free Porn Cum.” Holy shit! Can we just start calling it the “DDFSFCRSOFP”? Wait..that won’t work either.

This has to be one of the most popular SL sex areas ever. It’s been around under different names, in different places, & switched up so much over the years but is still always jam-packed. Since it is always busy writing about has been a bit of an issue. The first time I went some guy with his dick attached to his pants (See! I told you dick pants would get mentioned today.) kept trying to push me into a corner. On top of that I was bombarded by a barrage of guys IM’ing me before I had even rezzed. Second time was no different. Constant IMs being thrown at me before rezzing in. Getting instantly surrounded by male avatars to the point where I couldn’t move without running into one of them.

To actually attempt to write anything here I put my auto response on saying “I am currently writing on Second Life about the place I am at. I am not here to have sex with anyone so move along. Not interested.” Amazingly enough this did not work as I was still pushed by a few guys trying to steer me towards sex balls.

There would have been a LOT more pictures this week but it was hard to get a good photo when you’re being shoved by 6 guys at one time into a wall. Assholes. I did get a few great shots that we can make fun of  at a later date.


If you are looking for a place to just randomly screw another avatar, hang out, or enjoy getting IM’s before you rez, or pushed into things then this is the place for you. They offer the dive sex room itself, a rape shack, & a nude beach.

There are a few things that I just don’t get. I’ve been to quite a few sex areas in the past week to write these two articles & have seen someone having sex….once. Just once. A few of the places, live the Dirty Dive get the idea, I visited multiple times & not once saw anyone actually having sex. I saw a lot of naked people standing around. I saw more cartoon cock then one person should ever have to see in once place. A few times guys were jumping on balls in some sort of air humping attempt to get someone else to hop on with them.

It Kept Moving Into My Damn Shot!

Trying to push someone with your fake dick into shit to get them to have sex with you is not the way to do it. 

I visited a lesbian sex palace & no one was having sex. There was a little bit of conversation here or there followed by people dancing but no sex. The people were actually friendly & there was no pushing (And THANK BOOZE no clay looking man bits staring at me.) I am equal opportunity baby.

Porno sex theater. Lots of people…no sex. Three visits to each one & no one was having sex. I’ve written about many adult areas on Second Life in the past & have run into some of the funkiest things going down but it seemed weird this past week. All the places & people yet none of them doing anything dirty. Just a lot of quiet standing. I do wonder at times if some people question in the back of their mind at one point or another while air humping to attract a mate if the person that jumps on is actually the same sex as their avatar. Or if anyone actually cares.

Maybe this is the reason for the pushing, shoving, & downpour of “hello” IM-ing. A quiet little desperation of “Will someone give me the pleasure of the sexy time with them?”. 

Sorry. Just here to write. Carry your ass off someplace else. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

If you missed it then be sure to check out Stupid Sex Part 1: The Story Of “Meh”

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