SLB9 Is Here!

Happy 9th Birthday To Second Life!

From now until June 27th this years 9th birthday celebration is being held HERE. I made the SLurl right next to the cake for everyone. If you are looking for more information on this years festivities then please click HERE for the official birthday blog.

Happy Birthday Second Life!

I’ve shown pictures & written about many past birthday celebrations throughout the years. A few things that I wanted to say about this years event. First off I think that we should all give a big thanks to those that managed to pull off such an important event. If it wasn’t for those who worked hard to make this happen there would be no birthday celebration this year.

Oooo! Pretty!

That brings me to the second item I wanted to mention. Making this years birthday a “community event” isn’t a bad thing do to the fact that it brought a lot of hard-working people together for the sake of celebration. There are a lot of things that I feel LL did that have been in poor taste when it comes to this years party. Amazingly enough I am not going  to rehash or get into any of it because it ticks me off & this is not the time to do it. We shouldn’t take anything away from everyone that worked hard to make sure we actually had a party this year. With that aside there is no reason to not join in the festivities!

Please be sure to visit SLB9 this year, have a bit of cake, & celebrate with everyone.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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