Grid Royal With Cheese

Weekend! Wooo!

Now What?

I’ve gathered a list of a few things going on this weekend on good Ol’ Second Life so you can be completely lazy, drunk, & use the SLurls to your advantage. I’ve helped you out by not having to search for stuff. Gives you more time to make drinks.

I’ve said it before. I am a fluffy-haired ball of helping.

ZombiePopcorn Carnival (M)

I usually try not to throw in anything shopping related for stuff to do. I’m giving this carnival a pass for two reasons. I like ZombiePopcorn & the ideas they come up with. I also got to ride the Ferris Wheel around a few times. It’s a carnival so you might hit some lag when you visit at certain times. I had no problems & had a bit of fun riding rides around as well as hitting up the diner they have set up.  The ZombiePopcorn Carnival goes on until June 30th.

Hi Ferris Wheel!

Second Life’s 9th Birthday (G)

The Second Life Birthday bash continues on until June 27th. I’ve mentioned it already this week but I wanted to mention it again as the official date for the birthday is this Saturday June 23rd. Also the last day for entertainment is on the 24th. Get your party on & celebrate the fact that Second Life has lasted this long before it’s too late. You can get all of the information you need about the parties on their website.

Second Life Communities Coming Together.

Would like to point out that I found the Raglan Shire’s SLB9 exhibit for this year.

I Found You!!

Speaking of the Shire the Summer Of WOOT is still going on. Friday June 22nd at 5pm SLT is Prim Charades. Saturday at 5pm SLT you can find them spinning 80s night at the Paw & Whisker. You can visit their official website & check out their calendar of upcoming events.

Play That Funky Music Tiny Dog!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

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