A Salute To Hoochie Mamas

She ain’t nothing but a hoochie mama.

Today we aren’t going to shun the hoochies, the hooker look-alikes, the booty shorts wearing big breasted backup dancers of Second Life. We, since it’s Friday (sounds like a good excuse), are going to celebrate the trashtastic fashionable people of SL. If it wasn’t for them half of you would have nothing to stare at, comment on, wonder about, & tell others you saw. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn a little bit about love, virtual life, & ourselves.

Probably not but it was worth a try. 

We salute those that go forth into the virtual world with sexual words misspelled in your profiles. (“I likke to fruk!” What the hell is a “fruk”? Do you mean truck?)  We admire the avatar that is not afraid to wear panties that look like someone drew them on with a colored pencil & shoes that don’t fit to the point where you have pointy heels. Our hearts are moved by the  avatar that towers over everyone else, not because she holds a place of power, but because she likes to abuse the height sliders of her avatar. Why would she do this? Because she can.

We pay tribute to the avatar who is not afraid to give blow jobs to really creepy looking male avatars in a shopping mall/dungeon/dance club/garden. Her hair morphing into her body as she amazes us with her “skills” & fact that his “doohickey” is grossly fake looking &  just goes right out of the back of her head. Why would she want his junk to pop out of her head? Because it can.

No Words….None…

I tip my little invisible virtual hat to the avatar who felt that wearing a g-string while on all fours on a leash in a G rated store for families was a really good idea. I shed a tear for the brave souls who dance quietly on a pole & somehow only managed to put one shoe on at the orgy. She just needs the money man. Maybe she’s just dancing to pay her tier & support her breedable habit. You don’t know. YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!

Cough. Sorry. I got a little passionate there. 

We honor you today hoochie mama skank ho’s of Second Life. You actually make us smile with every pair of pants you wear off your ass. You make us wonder when we see you wearing a shirt where your boobs kinda pop out in a way that defies gravity.

As we rush to tell others of the wonders we’ve seen in our little virtual world you should feel proud. You’ve got people talking.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. I have never laughed so hard in my life…god I love your blog and your sense of humor…plus I was totally reading this in that “real men of genius” voice

    1. Oooo I really need to start thinking of that voice while writing. That is awesome! Thank you so much! 😀

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