Retro Time Warp

A long while back there use to be a Church Of Elvis on Second Life. Services were held in a fast food restaurant resembling something that involved cheeseburgers & golden arches. I never attended a service in the almighty Church Of Elvis although a few of us had visited many times. Not because of some weird religious fever. It was more on the lines of just because the shit made us laugh.

I was recently thinking about Elvis when I was using the awesome powers of the Second Life search. OK. Actually there was nothing awesome about it. I just typed in the word “Elvis” & happened upon a new 1950s sim. TimeLine Back To The 50s, 60s, Music & Fun (M) is a newer retro sim that seems to currently have their act together. Nothing about the place screams “Shop you zombies!” & when I did turn on the music stream it was 50s/60s music (My second time around they had an actually singer singing retro music live. Love it!) . Two simple things that actually impressed me during my visit.

Ya’ll Wanna Go Bowling?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the place. TimeLine is set up in a sort of small 50s/60s town layout. You have your small town business area as well as your residential homes. I did take a quick moment to walk through the residential area & found that most of the homes (almost all of them while I was there) are still for rent. There are two wonderfully retro looking trailers for rent that aren’t too expensive if you just want something small, a few prims, & a retro feel. The homes, personally, I felt were a bit on the high side when it came to price but a few things occurred to me while looking at them. Sometimes you need to make a tad bit of money, especially when you try to stay away from malls, to keep your place open. They are family homes with many bedrooms so having a roommate/family help pay the cost would help. You are paying for the retro feel & the opportunity to live in a town where you could play out a 50s/60s television family if that was what you were looking for. If that is what you are looking for then be sure to check them out.

If you’re looking for a retro aunt with a drinking problem to visit on occasion then I’m your gal.

I do see a lot of potential for some really good retro feeling family role play within this place. The bowling alley & roller skating rink make a great place to hang out on a Friday night with the family. A hair salon where you could catch up on the latest gossip while getting your hair done. Making a date with the pretty gal in the poodle skirt for a movie at the drive in followed by a milkshake (or beer) while you shoot a bit of pool. If you are into the whole family RP then the carnival would be a great opportunity as well as the small candy store for when they finish their homework or clean their room. Or maybe your car needs a tune up. You could always go take it to the garage as you catch up on the latest manly man news.

Oh Honey! You Would Not BELIEVE What Madge Did!

There is a AKK barn set up with horses as well as a riding ring & jumps located around the area. That felt a little out-of-place to me. I know a lot of people really get into the whole riding thing but it’s not something I’m remotely interested in. It also feels like there may be more going up in the near future. That is not a bad thing in any way. Being newer you know that they are probably still in the middle of getting everything situated.

The possibilities within this sim are endless. I really feel that all it needs are some dedicated role players who are into retro television shows & stereotyping the 50s &  60s. To me, personally, I think it would be kinda fun to get a group of people together to recreate a unique Second Life fantasy that doesn’t involve the apocalypse or the undead.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

TimeLine Back To The 50s, 60s Music And Fun (M)


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