The Eclectic Fish Boogie

Keeping up with a retro feel I seem to have going on this week I decided to visit a place called The Cod Supper Club. (M) Although I did not see a Cod I did happen upon a tuna fish.

Helloooo! I’m Tuna!

The Cod Supper Club doesn’t seem to involve having supper. Unless you count drinking as supper which, in Tipsy’s world, is a perfectly acceptable form of food. It does have a retro supper club feel to it. A place where you could picture jaunty men in mustaches drinking scotch & listening to Sinatra. A place where the woman would be dressed in a swing skirt sipping a martini.

They call the place “eclectic” which it is. It’s hard to describe. It gives you a playboy club feel with its retro bar area & decor. A cross between kitsch & tasteful if that is even possible. The music I heard while visiting fit the retro music feel but wasn’t the typical retro sound you would hear at any other period place on Second Life. They call it “off the beaten path” which is true. It’s relaxing to sit & drink while listening to the music flow.

Need Anything?

During all of my visits I had not seen a single soul wandering around. I did notice that they have an open DJ policy for anyone that would like to stream “Unusual or niche music” preferably retro, folk, or classical feel. It is for tips only so if you are interested please stop into the club for more information.

The club itself is in the air & surrounded by plain, large prim blocks next to it as well as below it. The front sidewalk is kinda blah in design. Walking out the backdoor just gives you a view of the stuff surrounding it in the air. Amazingly enough….who the hell cares? I don’t. The feel inside the place itself is so retro laid back that I don’t care what is going on outside. It’s the type of place that I would love to get a group of people in 50s & 60s hip garb, grab a drink from the bar, & just chill out. For all of my hermit leave me be grumpy ways it would be nice to show up one night to see a crowd of people just chilling out.

Play It Tipsy!

Maybe, one night, if I’m feeling saucy enough, I’ll volunteer my services, or maybe even Bishop’s,  for retro drinking music. Could be fun.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

The Cod Supper Club (M)

Side Note: A lot of laid back hangout spots have gone to an open DJ calender policy. Makes me want to open up the ol’ Lush Lounge again for discussions.


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