This weeks “What the hell am I going to do on Second Life this weekend” was a pain in the ass to write. I log in & my face looks like “Ruth”. After logging out twice do to my “Ruth Issue” I came back on & didn’t have a face.

Tipsy’s Face Has Left The Grid.

 I needed my biggie avatar to interact with some areas that were not for tinies. Tiny Avie: No Problems. Biggie: No fucking face. After a few drinks I stopped calling the grid various names only sailors should be allowed to utter things finally started working correctly.

 As usually you will find me hanging out at Prim Charades in the Shire (G) at 5pm SLT Friday.

I want to start out by saying that finding stuff this week was full of issues. Not only the “OMG! WHERE IS YOUR FACE!!” issue. Most festivals are shopping at this current point in time. I want to sit here & list all of the various shopping fests because it’s not “my thang” people. I want to try to keep you as far away from spending L$ on junk & more in the lines of finding fun things to do.

Side Note: Was asked to remove this honest review of an area of SL by a group of avatars. I review honestly & if I don’t like a place I will say it sucks. I also respect if a place asks me to take something down. If you show me a tad bit of respect then I shall show you some. 

Also there are no rules against reviewing a place & saying you don’t like it. I’m being nice one time people. Now pay attention to the places I did like.

Think of it as a real life restaurant or movie review. Without honest opinions then what good are we?

Lucky for us there are still some classic standbys that bring the fun to SL.

Giant Snail Races (M)– RFL Snail Race this Saturday at 11am SLT. To enter this race it is any size donation to receive a racing scarf. They are doing this as a hunt style race so be sure to stop in before race time to get all of the information/location/etc.  you need to race or to watch the races that day. It’s for a good cause so please come out & show your support. This is a race I would love to enter if I am home at that time.

Squeebee’s Mystery Science Theater (M) The place may have changed from the S.O.L. to a regular theater but MST3K is still shown 24/7. I am just happy that they are still on the grid. They have always been my standby when I am at a loss as to what to do in-world. There is always an event going on Fridays & Saturdays so be sure to check their schedule. If you don’t know what MSt3K is then I am currently shedding a tear into my martini for you. You’ve missed out on a lot of fun & it’s time you learned.

Haunted Mansion – A Strange Museum (M) – Yes. A haunted mansion/museum. When you teleport in be sure to accept & wear the hud that they give you or you won’t be able to interact with the exhibits. Let’s just say I was poisoned by chocolate & cooked in an oven.

I Smell Delicious!

Only one person can interact with an object at a time. If you go as a group you will just have to take turns. Worth a look as it is very unusual. Just watch out for gggggghosts!!

Good luck finding things to do this weekend in SL!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


3 responses

  1. I went to summer town last night with my family and it was a blast. We all spent about 3 hours there. We marched in the band and they had free uniforms there. My bf & I danced at the 50’s ice cream parlor there before I headed for bed. They had fireworks and a drive in movie theater there too. I don’t get your scrooge attitude but im glad most people in sl don’t share your pessimism or else sl would suck.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You enjoyed the place while I, personally, think the place sucks. Horribly. If I was to “OMG This Place Is GREAT!!” for every place I go on SL then this wouldn’t be a review & it wouldn’t be honest. I am assuming you missed the places I actually did like. Or have ever read any other review that I have done that lists MANY places that I recommend as well as ones I didn’t care for. One last thing…don’t slam someone on their site when it is called a “Review”. It’s really in poor taste & rude.

  2. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Rock on Tipsy!

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