Writers Rights

This past week I was handed a notecard as well as a comment explaining to me how I was basically a horribly mean person for saying how I actually thought a place on Second Life sucked.

Let’s let that sink in for a moment shall we.


This Bitch Is Ready To Roll.

The notecard I, honestly, actually didn’t fucking read. Why would I not read an explanation as to how hard someone worked to make their place? Blah blah blah. Whatever. Why would I? I, in all honestly, don’t have to. And that’s where we get into todays really fucking mean article. Yes. I said “fucking” and “mean”. This is not an attack on those that asked me to remove their article because, for the most part, I have been nice to those that ask. Actually…to be honest…I’m usually not that nice. But after, in real life, 3 days of no power, “the world may melt” heat, & some of the worst shit weather in this state, I was not one to want to get into a fight 3 hours after I got power.

Don’t fuck with me when I’m dehydrated man. That’s just low.

Let us break down the rights of Second Life bloggers shall we. If you take a look at T.O.S. there is absolutely nothing in there that says that we, as writers & reviewers of all things Second Life, are forced to play nice. It is not written in-world but outside of world therefore you cannot lay claim to anything we say we think “sucks”. If absolutely everyone had to say that they thought everything in our fine virtual world was “HOLY SHIT! This may be the GREATEST thing I have ever seen in my entire life.” then we are lying. Not only we are lying but we are not being honest with our readers. If we cannot give an honest opinion on how we feel about your place, no matter the amount of time you spent on it (which means absolutely nothing to me if you still suck) then what the hell is the point of anything?

I want you to all ponder this for a moment. And this is REALLY SUPER IMPORTANT. If we have to EVER cave in to ANYTHING that tells us that we cannot give our honest opinion, be it virtual worlds or real life, then we have no rights to our own thoughts. And…if I have EVER been about ANYTHING on this damn site it’s ALWAYS been about giving my own honest opinion on stuff. No one…no matter who…NEVER has the right to take that away from you. 

The point of doing a review on EVERYTHING Second Life is just that. There is no harassment or “OMG she is violating my rights in a virtual world” do to the fact that I am actually not doing any of that. I hate your shit. My opinion & I am allowed to express it. I love the hell out of your place then, personally if it was me, I would be happy that someone thought we rocked. The greatest thing is that you can be pissed if I do not like your stuff but, as anything that is in real life, I am entitled to my own opinion. Like the restaurant critic who thought your soup tasted like dish water or the hotel reviewer who thought your bed was comfy. There is absolutely no way of ever stopping the review.

With that said I currently regret having a real life heat stroke, trying to put my real life house back in order after a wicked weekend, & saying “Yeah…whatever…fine” by removing less than a paragraph of a review saying I hated a place. You are no longer worth a thought in my mind because you sucked so bad you made your rotting dead ancestors cry at your failure.

Won’t happen again.  Trust me. I removed the  opportunity from this site for anyone to say “You are mean & it hurt my feelings” to have it removed. Will not do this at all. What review is written shall stay. If you change things around & invite me back then I will always review it again.

One person ruins it for everyone. No more “nice clause”. I’m allowed to have an opinion. Deal with it. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. Dear Readers – This has actually opened up a HUGE can of worms when it comes to rights for Second Life writers. I plan on visiting this theme of why we are & should be allowed freedom of speech & opinion for weeks to come. We all need to be aware of our rights & if what we write, be it opinion, news, fashion, etc. is protected.


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