Will The Real Cow Please Stand Up

I recently put up a new house because I get bored with staring at the same walls every day. I’m SL A.D.D. like that. Mr. C Cow was super excited that I put a little pool out in the front yard. He has this strange habit of standing in the middle & mooing a lot.

Don’t Forget Your Pool Floaty!

As I’m staring at a cow standing in the middle of my pool two things came to mind. The first thing was the fact that I hoped he did not think it was a good idea to go to the bathroom in the pool. Mr. C. Cow is really good at remembering that the pool (& house) are not toilets. The second thing that came to mind is the fact that I actually have the real life equivalent of Mr. C. Cow. Who has actually been named “Mr. C. Cow”. Because we are REALLY weird people he ends up in a lot of strange pictures. Like his virtual counterpart he is good about not peeing on the floors.  Our little virtual Cow just learned what manners were recently. Our real life cow also likes to drink up all of the alcohol in the house.

Bad Cow! BAD!

This got me comparing the two cows.


1. Both cows like to drink up all of my booze when my back is turned.

2. Both cows have a habit of chewing on curtains.

3. They enjoy a good bedtime story. Usually something involving the dairy industry.

4. They live in loving homes because I don’t eat meat. Lucky cows.

5. When drunk they both like to moo laugh. Yeah. I said “moo laugh”.


1. While Real Cow is soft. Virtual Cow is kinda primy.

2. Real Cow Went To Harvard. Virtual Cow Went To Virtual Bovine University. Amazingly enough both of them studied food safety.

3. Real Cow prefers beer & fancy cocktails while engaging in witty banter. Virtual Cow enjoys sucking down, from the bottle, whiskey then eating the flower garden.

4. Real Cow wears contacts do to being moo sighted. Virtual cow has perfect Moo/Moo vision.

5. Real Cow likes to sleep in a nice comfy bed. Virtual cow has been seen sleeping, face down, in the front yard.

I had better go out & get our little virtual cow a pool floaty & make sure he didn’t have an “accident”. As for our real cow I had better make sure he didn’t drink all of my gin.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


4 responses

  1. bbwaauuh! Mr. C Cow. 😀

    1. Mr. C. Cow Rocks! When I logged off he was standing on the balcony. I’m really hoping he doesn’t start eating the roof. The RL counterpart is still in bed.

  2. LOL! To funny, LOVE THIS and MR C COW!

    1. Mr. C. Cow is always getting into trouble on Second Life. Lucky for me the real counterpart is usually pretty laid back. 😀 LOL!

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