Out Of Town

I, Tipsy, do solemly swear that I shall drink this bottle of Whiskey to the head while defending the world from zombies.

No…wait…that’s for a different post.

(Looks at notes…hmmm…)

Sorry about that! I will be out of town starting July 19th. Off for my “Visit Your Relatives Damn It!” 2012 tour.

Go me! 

Waves A Paw!

I will be back on July 27th but will have guests for a few days afterwards. So please be patient with me while I get everything in order when I return. There will be some articles coming out that I’ve written for this period.

I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging without some reviews now would I? No I would not!

I will be on & off of SL when I can to check messages but it is hard for me to do while out of town since I will be without my own computer.

I’ll miss you computer. (Sniffles)

So send me plurks, tweets, emails, etc. if you need to contact me about anything.

And keep reading! I have the normal schedule of articles coming out (Mon, Wed, Fridays) while I am gone! 

Wish me luck!  

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photo Taken At: Babbage Palisades 


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