Clowns Are EVIL

Evil I Tells Ya!!

I hate clowns with a passion. From their stupid clown noses to their stupid clown feet. I cannot stand them.

What does one do when they hate clowns with a total passion? They go onto Second Life & freak themselves out by trying to find scary abandoned amusement parks. Full of clowns who have teeth.

Makes sense to me.

Whatever Mr. Sign!

Someone said to me “I know you hate clowns but why don’t you write about them anyways?”

I don’t wanna!

OK. Fine! I will! Mean People!

Carnevil (M)

When I first stopped in at this abandoned amusement park I decided to get my fortune told. According to the machine “You have the respect from those around you. Romance is favorable at this time. The color blue is strongly advised for you right now.”


I was disappointed as I really thought this was going to be some freakish horror carnival full of scary shit. Actually it’s mostly shopping. I did, however, see a dismembered noob avatar and some really nice girls selling seashells in a little stand.

What Nice Girls!

Carnival Of Carnivorous Clowns – The Funhouse Of Doom (M) 

I was actually hoping for a kick ass experience when it used the words “carnivorous” & “Doom”


I landed, of course, smack dab in the middle of carnival tents full of shopping.


I ended up lucking out because the  funhouse was directly in front of me when I rezzed in. I “lag walked” my way into the building where I was welcomed by a clown how told me to watch the stairs & the fact that “We all float.”


Can You Spot Me?

I was treated to swirling lights, freakish clowns, bouncing balls, blood, & great nightmare fuel clown faces.  Mazes that were black so I bumped into walls a few times. If you can actually make it through the various mazes the funhouse has to offer then you get some sort of “You survived” gift.

I’ve Named Him “Blinks The Evil Floating Clown Guru”.

Also, if you don’t mind being surrounded by shopping, there are a couple of rides scattered about.

Meh. Whatever.

After this trek through two different clown filled areas I gave up. I’m hoping to find a truly awesome horror abandoned carnival feel in the future on Second Life. A nice “Wow” factor would be nice. At the moment I just don’t want to stare at virtual clowns anymore.

I need a drink!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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