Let’s Go Camping!

Since it’s still summertime I started thinking about camping the other day. I haven’t gone camping in real life in years. Summer camp? I did some Summer Day Camps as a child. Never did a week or a weekend at a summer camp before. Amazingly enough I did find a way to go camping & have a bit of fun in the world of Second Life.

Dreams Of Hope Family At Kids Fun Park (G) may be the first place that I actually made me wish I had a SL family. (I would make a great weird, drunk aunt.)  Or at least a family I knew that I could treat to a week stay for a SL vacation. This place gives you a family camping/summer camp adventure feel. With its hiking paths, bike & horse riding, playground, & family oriented dancing area it is not only well put together & beautiful. It also looks like it would be total blast to stay at. Fishing, swimming…there is just so much to be done.

Look At Me! Look At Me!

I checked out the cabins they have for rent that run you 600L a week for 50 prims. They are equipped with enough bunk beds, beds, & even a crib to fit everyone in your party. Be sure to read the rental agreement as it lists how the cabins are used. (Monday – Friday rentals with check in/out times) There is also a campground if you are looking for tent camping.

Mr. Bear Came To Visit & Made A Mess!

According to a notecard I found they have weekend kids camps as well as family movie nights. I actually find this pretty awesome! By the cabins there is a sign you can click that gives you all of the information on daily events as well as the kids camp schedule. If you click on a sign at the mess hall (located near the cabins) it will give you information on family camps, upcoming events, & weekend camp info.

I highly recommend checking them out if you have a Second Life family & are interested in doing something traditional in a not so traditional way. After wandering around for a while it has me thinking about grabbing a few folks & going camping when I get home (Out Of Town till the end of July.)

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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