Hats, Sushi, & A Doggy Bag

I split a lot of my time between being a big bad ass martini swilling biggie & an awesome bulldog tiny who also happens to have a little martini. While I was searching for a spiffy hat to wear on my tiny I got the idea to search out various sushi restaurants on Second Life.


Well…yes…sushi. I happened upon a funky sushi hat that actually was for something involving 7 Seas Fishing. I just bought it on the marketplace for the low price of 65L. It can be worn by regular sized avies as well as fitting perfectly on my dog head.

Sushi Hat!

Since I have a spiffy new hat & a love for virtual restaurant role play I thought it would be fun to take my hat out into the virtual world to bring you three nice sushi joints to check out.

1. Sushi Factory (M)

Strangely enough there are tables & chairs yet I couldn’t find any sushi that you can actually “eat”. Despite this it’s still worth a look due to its simple cafeteria style & conveyor belt sushi.

Quick Fact: The conveyor belt sushi or also called “Sushi-go-round” actually does exist. Curious? Then check it out HERE.

The Sushi On The Belt Goes ‘Round & ‘Round….

I recommend this small little sushi-go-round joint as it is perfect to marvel at the moving sushi while having a good conversation with friends. (Although having prim food that looks like you were eating might actually help a little bit.)

2. The Tree House Theater: Cafe & Sushi Bar (G)

I am in a sushi bar….in a tree. Must admit that it’s both unusual & awesome all at the same time. This sushi restaurant has sushi that you can “eat” which, personally, is a big part of the whole “let’s go out to eat” virtual experience.

Treehouse Sushi!

Be sure to grab the notecard that is offered when you first teleport in as it has information movie theater information if you need help figuring out how to make the movies play. Besides the movie theater there is also live music (check their board for times) as well as various places to sit & chill out.

3. Bamboo Garden Japanese Restaurant – SS Galaxy (M)

I cannot mention sushi restaurants without mentioning the one on the SS Galaxy. I think it could quite possibly be the first sushi joint I ever went to in Second Life. Although it really hasn’t changed in years it still offers sushi to “eat” as well as a great food presentation & atmosphere.  There is sushi for sale here if you feel the need to take some home with you to snack on later.

Thumbs Up For Presentation!

SS Galaxy, in whole, has always been a great place to visit. While it has an outdated feel in some areas & likes to lag me at times there are still areas that are worth a visit. The Japanese restaurant is just one of them.

Have fun exploring these three areas & remember that you can use them to impress your friends and/or date with an unusual place to visit. That is the whole fun of Second Life!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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