Arrr! It Be The Weekend!

Ahoy! Unaye o’ how t’ spend your virtual weekend? Lookin’ for a bit o’ SL fun? Just want someone t’ tell you what t’ do? We’ve got you covered!


Arrrr & Stuffs…

What I’m trying to say is there is oodles of stuff to do in Second Life this weekend that will make your time better than being forced to *kiss the gunner’s daughter* (unless you totally dig it then carry on).

We would have a LOT more pictures to go with this weeks “Shit to do” but SL was being, to put it nicely, a bitch for me. So you’ll just have to deal with stuff like this….

Halllooooo!! Old Picture Is Old!

Maybe..just maybe…SL will stop being a pain in my prim ass & we’ll be able to add pictures to the next set of articles for next week. Anywho…here are three awesome things to check out this weekend. Enjoy!

1. August is Pirate Month at the Raglan Shire. Grab your rum, practice your shanty singing, & get ready to immerse yourself in the world of tiny pirates. A pirate bay awaits your arrival with such great fun as a pirate ship, dancing, fishing,  movie area complete with pirate themed movies & so much more to discover.

Put..The Fish…Down…

Be sure to check out the their events calendar for various pirate themed parties & events throughout the whole month of August. Avatars big & small are always welcome although I recommend going tiny to experience everything the shire has to offer. (Also check out the small pirate booty area filled with free or inexpensive items for tinies to enjoy pirate month).

2. The Vintage Fair 2012 starts on August 4th & runs through August 29th. I know that many people are looking forward to this fashion fair so it merits a mention. If you are really into vintage fashion then it is the place to be.

3. Boxing At WIN, Warrior Instinct Nations, is a great place to check out the virtual fights. Matches are every Sunday, Wed, & Friday just be sure to check out their calendar for times.  (Friday August 3rd is at 5:30pm SLT for those wanting to check it out today.)

Remember..the key to having a great virtual weekend is getting out there, exploring, & searching for anything that comes to mind.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Websites To Help You Out:

Raglan Shire Website

Pirate Dictionary

English To Pirate Translator

CHIC Management SL Website

*Kiss The Gunners Daughter:  Basically it means being tied over a cannon & beaten.*


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    1. Ahoy! We be buying the retro with our virtual doubloons. Arrrr!

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