Back To School!

It’s that time of the year where school is starting back up. It feels like we just started the Summer so I am uber sad to see it all end for books & pens. Lunchbox & book bags.

Mr. C. Cow LOVES Learning!

But it’s only August Tipsy!

I know! We just start REALLY early around here.

Although I am sad to see the Summer break come to an end I am all for the learning. Second Life is the perfect opportunity for learning. Real schools in a virtual setting. Role playing schools that will give you the feel of actually being back behind the desk. If you are interested in going back to college then our virtual world can help you out with the University Plaza at the Virtual State Fair (G) It is set up like an open house of schools with booths giving you information on real life colleges. Although many booths look like no one has been there in a long time (example: Halloween decorations) it is still worth a look as much of the information is still valid. Many of the colleges offer you links to their websites as well as landmarks/teleports  to their in-world campus.

Great Opportunity To Check Out Various Universities.

Has your interest been peaked at the thought of a real life university with a virtual campus? Then here are a few quick SLurls to various college campuses:

University Of Kentucky (G)

Minnesota State University (G)

Lancaster University (G)

The Lancaster University Campus Is Amazing!

More interested in a role-playing school experience in Second Life? Have no fear as there are many options for you to relive some of your school hay-days. An example would be the Willowdale Campus (G) which is home to a school campus that offers Elementary, Middle School, & High School PG role-playing. It is open to those who wish to roleplay as a student or staff.

Looking more for a fantasy role-playing school? There is always the newer & extremely popular Mischief Managed (M) for those who are into the Harry Potter role-playing. (Official Website)

Use the Second Life search to find schools that interest you. Be it a real world campus or a role-playing school you should have no trouble finding something that suits you. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*Be sure to follow all rules given to you by all areas. Be respectful when visiting any campus*

*No…I did not forget the “Adult” schools on Second Life. We’ll leave that for another day out of respect for the real life educators doing good work in our virtual world as well as the RPG schools who are working hard to bring you a safe & fun environment. *


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