Back To School: The Hubba Hubba Edition

Since I just wrote about real life schools as well as RPG schools in Second Life I thought it was only fair to give equal press to the sex schools.

Yes. I said “Sex Schools”.

This was a big “to-do” for me because I had to put my martini swilling big avatar chick on, throw on a pair of heels, virtually do my hair. Just so that you perverts could find places to have sex on desks & in cafeterias. I don’t do virtual sex but I know that many of you are into it. And a handful (hehe handful) of you dig the sex places in Second Life. Visiting  so you know the “cool” places to go baby.  You can never say I don’t suffer in the name of art.

Oh..I suffer….

Undercover Tipsy Is Undercover.

I want to start by pointing out that I am only adult places where you can “walk right in” without doing a screening process. Many well build “Sex Schools” ask you to become a member of their group, as well as fill out an application, to be able to enter their campus. They take their role-playing of a dirty school very seriously. If you are looking for more of a no-nonsense RPG atmosphere as opposed to the “Hey baby let’s fuck” then follow me to your SL homework.

I said homework.

Instead of just handing you a bunch of SLurls & saying “Have fun!” I am going to make you think. Get onto Second Life & use the keyword “School”. Make sure that you have your search so that you will get adult places. There are SO MANY that are just walk-in & enjoy that you will have no issue finding one.  Make sure they aren’t ones that are trying to teach you how to be a slave or whatever. We are looking for ones that try to throw in role-playing sex in a school setting.

Now I will share with you a few observations that I have run into while visiting an insane amount of sex schools this week.  After I go through my list I will be giving you a bit of Second Life Sex School Homework. There might even be a test.

A few things I have run into:

1. I saw a wooden barrel in a gymnasium. Why would you have a barrel in the middle of the floor, that just happens to have sex poses in it, in a gymnasium? Is it a sex rodeo prop? Will a circus clown & bull show up if I just wait around for a few?

2. Do we really need so many real life porn pictures covering the walls? Personally I think that less porn pictures being used as posters in an adult school would be nice. Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t mind seeing something that at least semi-pertains to a college/university/sex prison school. How about a few “sex ed” posters instead of so many “I’m so happy to suck your dick” pictures?

3. In a way the sex school feel is kinda fucking creepy. University or college I can deal with. Using the words “High School” when building something like that then throwing words like “Whore” in the mix is fucking creepy.

4. I would like to point out that schools are now built with sheet rock & not communist cinder blocks.

5. Do I REALLY need to buy a dildo in your hallway between classes? How about that thong with cum stains in the vendor by the door? I can understand that not everyone cums (hehe) prepared to these places but the least you can do is put them all in a room or something.

6. I had a friend who one had sex with an ice cream man to get free ice cream for an entire Summer. Weird I know but I have never seen a hooker standing next to one of my college classes asking me if I wanted a good time. Where am I going with this? I’m not exactly sure but I do hope the ice cream was worth it.

(6A. I have seen a hookers outside of bars & on street corners. Not next to a classroom door.)

7. Oh I “Get It”. You’re wearing a plaid skirt & knee highs. So is every real life stripper trying to pay her rent.

Your homework for this week is to see what you find when trolling the hallways of virtual sex schools? Do you find ones that aren’t too shabby? Are the ones you see as bad? Can you identify any of the things I’ve found at any of the places you have found?

Please leave your homework in the comments below. You will be graded. And if you piss this teacher off may hell fall upon thee in great waves of hurt & shit.

Good Luck!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Oh wait..I’m not done yet. I have EXTRA CREDIT for you this week. If you were to build your own virtual sex school how would you design it? What would you add? What would you take away?

My example:

If I was to build a sex college, which will not be happening, I would have a realistic build that was nicely put together for a campus feel. Decor that makes sense to the college learning so it gives you a feel for its purpose. Even hold “classes” to make the role-playing experience work. As for the sex I would try to make it as sneaky as possible. Give you the feeling that you are getting away with something naughty as well as the thrill of getting caught. I would make mine strict role-playing with a group where people would be able to get a title depending on what they wanted to be at the school. I would have an application process & make it open to the group only to keep the pervy stalker trolls out. As for the shopping I would leave it out completely. Sometimes sexy isn’t so blatant.

Mine would also not be so fucking creepy. 

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