Why You The Way You Are?

Taking a break from the reviews & places to visit over the weekend this week. Instead I’m looking inward. Part rant part insight.

A question I’ve been asked many times before is “Why you the way you are?”.  I know it’s not proper English but picture it being said with a head cocked to one side in confusion. This question is right up there with “Can you tell me why you are just so damn weird?”, “Why do you drink?”, and “Why do you curse so much on your blog? I can answer the last two questions for you in three words.

I just do.

You Talking To Me Mr. Flamingo?

I’ve learned a lot on Second Life over the years. First & foremost that it is nobodies business what the hell I do. But besides that I’ve learned that sometimes you just don’t want to put up with the fuckered drama, the shopping,  virtual sex, & the general boredom that Second Life brings you sometimes. Makes me irritated & bitchy.

I’ll first tackle the drama. I despise it & would rather be a hermit then be exposed to any of it in any it. I’ve seen my share of it & I won’t put up with it. You have a problem with someone then go bug someone else about it. If you feel like you need to bitch then bitch to your closest friend. Don’t bitch where the world has to listen to the crying ranting bullshit that is spewing out of your food hole.  I have better things to do. One of which is participating in discussions with laid back drama free groups. When you drama rant you are a fool & not worth anyone’s though.

Never Leave Home Without Your Drama Protection Helmet!

As for the shopping it gets old so quickly. Do I really need to buy the newest dress constantly? Do I really need to have a new outfit every single day? I don’t really feel that I should constantly spend real money on virtual items when I could spend my money on real clothing & real things that I actually need. If my whole time was spent on Second Life just shopping then not only would that be extremely sad but I would end up missing out on the MANY other opportunities that virtual worlds bring us. So if my shoes are a bit old just know that they have walked through many prim museums & exhibits while others spend their time trying to  match theirs to a skirt color.

Virtual sex? I can have real life sex. Oh yeah baby. Enough said.

I’ve found that by expanding myself out of being just my big avatar into many other forms (My bulldog or a dragon as an example) that I have been able to explore new areas of Second Life that would not be known to me had I decided to keep myself inside one box. I’ve had a light saber war with a tiny bear dressed as a Jedi. I’ve wandered through a forest filled with dragons. I’ve even chased a mini gingerbread man around the grid while wearing an apron & holding a spatula (This is a yearly Christmas thing. Long story.) I’ve been able to do a better job as a Second Life writer by being flexible in my avatar appearance as well as looking at the amazing creativity that comes out of our virtual world. My mood rather than what others think dictates what I am. I’ve seen more & done more instead of sticking to one ideal or topic. Why would I want to change?

There Be Dragons!

So why would I want to put up with the bullshit that bogs people down or spend my money constantly when there is so much more to be done. Just open up your search & see for yourselves.

You ask me why I am me when I should be asking you why do you hold yourself back?

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


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