Strike A Pose

No. We are not doing the whole Vogue thing. Sorry.

I felt that it might be that time again to change-up my human avatar photo for profiles & stuff where I need it the most. Instead of just taking one & slapping it up something I thought I might help a few of you out in virtual world looking to do the same thing.

If you are looking to edit your photos then click HERE to check out various free photo editing sites I’ve talked about in the past. Interested in using windlight to your advantage? In all honesty I just suggest that you simplify by trying a  pre-made windlight settings. Or consider just screwing around with the settings till you get the effect you are looking for. Personally there is no big science to windlight. You can read all over the web on how to create that perfect look. Experimenting, to me, is always the best fun option. (If you don’t know how to get to environment settings it’s: World > Environment Editor > Environment Settings)

Free Photo Editing + Free Photo Studios = Artistic Fun!

You could spend a lot of time wandering around SL trying to find beautiful places to showcase whatever the hell you are trying to capture in your profile picture. If you have the time, love to search for photogenic places, & have some pretty kick ass poses in your inventory then go forth & snap away. For those that are just flat-out lazy, don’t have a lot of good poses, or just want to use someone elses props then there are oodles of free photo areas for your pictures.

Not all of the places are pleasing to the eye. They might be covered in ads or just look like shit. The thing is that if they have a prop or pose that you are looking for then it doesn’t matter what the building looks like. It’s not like you’re taking pictures of it.

Also there is no shame in using a free photo studio to take a profile picture. Not all of us feel like buying our own props or whatever. You can just use theirs.

Here is a list of SLurls to a few of them:

Photo Square (A) – Many floors of poses & props for you to use. It is an Adult area so there are areas for more “risqué” photos. Couples, singles, groups….they have it all.

Kerebely Free Photo Studio (G) – G rated photo area that is good for groups, couples, & singles, as well as families. Many different floors that twist & turn so there is much to explore.

Koko – Photo Studio (M) – Straightforward background with poses. Very small as they only have three backdrops for you to use. I’ve never seen them busy so it’s good if you are looking for simple & privacy.

No Photo Editing. Just Windlight.

I am not a professional. I just have fun taking photos of the stuff I see on Second Life. On occasion I just happen to need a profile picture. I know many of us are not. The key is to just take a photo that you like & looks good to you. And have fun doing it.

Don’t forget to tip these free areas because it is nice to have someplace to go to just to take a straightforward picture without the hassles.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. Oooh thank you Tipsy! Sometimes you can find props and backgrounds you never even thought of at these places! ❤

    1. You are welcome! I thought it might be a good idea to mention a couple of free places. You are right. Never know what you might find. 🙂

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