Rules Of SL Drinking

Sometimes you have nothing going on but drinking a few cocktails/shots/gallons of beer on a weekend. Then sometimes you end up wandering into Second Life slightly drunk. Or really drunk. It’s happened to me. (No! Really!) as well as a few people I’ve known on SL throughout the years.

OK. I will admit that they were drinking because I was drinking. I am a bad influence.

Today we’ll discuss the rules of drinking on Second Life. Before one learns of places to go one must know the rules of drinking etiquette grasshopper.

Since we are discussing the rules of getting drunk & being on Second Life I thought I should dress the part. I, Tipsy, will take you on the magical journey while appropriately dressed, of the in’s & out’s of a Second Life booze-aholic.

I Am Here To Help!

You’re welcome!

1. DO NOT break the rules of wherever you are. It’s both annoying & wrong. Being drunk is not an excuse to be an ass. Griefing is NEVER THE ANSWER. Follow their set rules, dress rules, rating rules. Just follow them.

2. If you find that you can no longer hold a conversation without typing stuff like “fadfadsf Fuck!” then it’s time you stepped away from interacting with others. If you are still sober enough to actually be on SL then the best place for you is a movie theater or someplace where you can sit, not move, or have to talk to anyone.

3. Try not to say something drunk stupid while in-world. It’s equal to drunk dialing or texting. You don’t want to wake up the next day then remember that you said something you shouldn’t have. We’ve all been there.

How Tru…Wait…Champagne Bottles Don’t Have Hearts!

4. I recommend either trekking the grid with either a sober person or someone who is not as drunk as you. Think of it as a  safety guard to prevent your stupid ass from doing something you shouldn’t. Even pro drinkers sometimes need a safety person. Or to do the safety dance. I always get them mixed up.

5. If you can not maintain while drunk then don’t bother going on Second Life. There is a certain art to being able to combine drinking while being in a virtual world. I will start out now by recommending that you don’t do this if you can’t handle your liquor.  Lightweights need to stick to video games. Trust me on this people.

6. Avoid social media if you are really good at saying things you probably shouldn’t mutter.

7.  You know I have to say this but it is true. Drink responsibly. It’s alcohol. Don’t be an idiot.

8. So & so pissed you off in the past. (Insert name here) use to be your friend/significant other/ball gagged bath mat. Should I contact them? NO! Don’t do it! It’s never a good idea to drunkenly contact people from your past. You will not only regret it but you’ll look like an alcoholic jackass if you do. The past is the past for a reason. Keep it that way.

9. Drunk people like to talk sometimes. Please remember that this is the internet. Don’t, in your drunken state, tell people personal things you wouldn’t tell discuss any other time. When you wake up the next morning with a lampshade on your head, your bank account is empty, & someone named “Bolt” keeps IM-ing you that your tits are awesome then you know it’s too late. Do the safety dance people!

10. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are so drunk that you cannot see straight, can’t type, & probably shouldn’t be using a computer then get off of Second Life. Being blindly drunk is not a great thing in a virtual world. Buzz good. Blindly drunk not good. Get off the computer & take care of yourself.

The main key is to have fun, be safe with your drinking, follow the rules, & don’t be an asshole. If you can do all of that then your slightly inebriated time on Second Life should be a total blast.

 Next week we’ll get into the many great places to go while drinking & on Second Life!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. Haha, i can honestly say i’ve only ever once did a drunk SL and that night was filled with killing SL zombies on a friend’s platform in the sky! The only people affected by my drunken stupor were good friends! Thank goodness. I don’t think i’ll be doing that anytime soon. 😀

    1. Fridays are usually my drunken days inworld. When I start drinking I do prim charades. Then after it’s over I work my way around the grid till I end up someplace where I don’t have to interact with others. It’s for the best. LOL! 😀

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