Being Sick Sucks!

Being sick majorly sucks. Besides being tired & feeling like you are going to die at any moment it stops all productivity. I tried to get my writing done for this weeks articles but Mr. C. Cow was having none of it. He took one look at me & said “Go back to bed!”. Then he stuck a thermometer in my mouth & handed me a nice cup of tea.

Dr. Cow Making His Diagnosis.

I decided that it’s probably for the best that I lay around all day & watch virtual television. When you are feeling as crappy as I do the only thing you can accomplish is sleeping & television watching.  This is giving me a few ideas for new television shows. I should probably write them…no…rest damn it rest!

Resting In Front Of The Television.

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I am actually really sick in real life. I hate it because not only do I feel like death it also cuts into everything that I need to do. This includes writing. I feel so yucky that I don’t even have the energy to throw my biggie avatar on & take pictures in my virtual pajamas for y’all (yes..I said y’all) to check out. They had cows on them & thought I would be nice & share where I got them for the non-small avatars.  Some other time. Uggg!

So please bear with me while I take the time to sleep, drink lots of tea, & try to get to a level that doesn’t feel like I got run over by a bus.  I should be good to go for your next article by Thursday or Friday. Thank you for your patience.


Tiny Flu Kit From Druscilla’s Whim Too (G)

Treet Tv can be found HERE for your virtual television needs




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