Pet My Peeve

Pet my peeve sounds a bit dirty. Awww yeah!  I am putting on mood music to get you in the mood to read. Looking out for you baby. You know it.

That music REALLY makes me upset that I didn’t write about sex this week. (Makes a mental note for next week.)

 We all have those weeks when our brains just say “Get another beer.” Wait…that’s not what we are talking about brain. Great thought but it’s not the correct one. We all get into a funk every so often where the only way to describe how we feel is “meh”.


In the spirit of my lack of motivation & general all around pissy mood I thought it would be fun to write three random pet peeves of Second Life. Three little things that just annoy the crap out of me. Nothing super technical like “Why does the back of my house keep turning invisible” or “Group chat is still not working correctly! (DUH)”. Things that just get under my skin. They are in no particular order as, like I said before, meh.

1. The Dreaded Teleport Into Area Only To End Up In A Breedable Mall!

Yes..I Am Shaking My Fists At It….

We’ve all had this happen before. You are trying to find something that has nothing to do with breeding money hungry lumps of prims then BLAMO laggy pet city! This time around I was trying to find something for Mr. C. Cow (He was asking for a hay bed & a new toy.) when I was stuck in a never-ending lag loop of DOOM. As you can see from the picture above this was an annoying sight to see. Can’t…stand….it….

2. Just Because I’m Small Doesn’t Mean You Can Kick Me!

Watch Your Step Please!

I go around the grid as a tiny a lot. Sometimes while I am shopping I don’t change back into my biggie avatar. This is partly do to the fact that I am lazy & also don’t feel like changing back into my tiny again to go to events. Also I shouldn’t have to. With that said I am tired of being stepped on, kicked, or having houses rezzed on top of me. I’m not talking people who haven’t rezzed in all the way. I’m talking about people who can see their surroundings & actually know I am there. Especially the ones who walk over to stare at me, walk away, come back to stare, then try to kick me. I’m sorry but I am not a soccer ball. The virtual world is full of all sorts of avatars. My tiny avatar is bigger then a petite damn it so I know you can see me. We all have a right to not be bothered by stupid people. To not be kicked or harassed. Don’t make me put my human avatar on so I can kick your prim ass around the grid. Stop being a dick.

3. If You Ask If You Can Display My Profile Picture I Will Say No.

I will say no every single time. At every single place I go to. I hate that little pop up asking for permission. First of all…no. Second of all…does anyone actually walk over & look at the picture of the last person there? No?  Good! It’s not just me! If you add a pop up for a landmark, a notecard, AND ask me to show my profile picture then I’m going to be a little ticked off. No one really likes a lot of crap popping up on their screen when they teleport someplace. I see it as the equivalent of going to a website without a pop up blocker on. It’s annoying. Stop it.

I know that everyone has little pet peeves about Second Life. Maybe you get annoyed by people who don’t wait for a store to rez before walking on everyone.  I can’t stand the wolf yell gesture in clubs. We all have our own thing. What’s your big annoying virtual pet peeve?

“Tipsy” Cerulean


3 responses

  1. OMG, who kicks you?? Take me with next time, I’ll kick ’em back for ya! ❤

    1. Next time I get a house rezzed on me, someone asks me if I am someones housepet, or I get kicked I’m totally calling you!

      1. *flexes my uber lean pixel muscles* you do that! ❤

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