Gridberry Muffins

Labor Day Weekend Is Upon Us!

Huzzah & Stuff! 

Many of you may have a three-day weekend filled with end of the Summer parties & general mayhem. For those that don’t have as much going on you might end up spending your three days on Second Life with friends & virtual family.

Currently I am trying to find a hat that screams “Medieval Fashion” to get ready for the Shire’s Medieval Fest which starts today. I am sad to see Pirate Month come to an end but an excited to see what September has in store for us. I’m never disappointed in each months events & sights they come up with. The Medieval Fest goes until Sept. 23rd. (Proceeds donated at certain areas around the fest go to various animal charities.)

Get Your Medieval On!

If you are a noob who is in desperate need of cheap ass duds to wear on the grid then I suggest checking out the Wash’s Bi-Annual Cart Sale (G) is still going on until Sept. 5th. I am not one to mention shopping events. Shopping. Meh.  I felt this one deserved a mention because all cart items are 10L or less. It’s perfect for brand new residents to Second Life who are desperate to get out of their noob clothing. I’m helping by pointing you in the right & inexpensive direction. Good luck! Don’t say I never cared. (Actually don’t..then people might try to hug me & shit.)

You’ve probably seen the  Labor Day Weekend Festival (M) in the events calendar & destination guide lately because of their festival.  I decided to go check it out & saw a guy dressed like Elvis dancing in a cape. He poofed before I could take a picture. I’m sad about this.

Elvis has left the sim.

There is a lot of shopping (& shopping isn’t my thing)  but I did find one thing fun going on. You can ride a paddle boat.

Paddle Tipsy Paddle!!

So…if you don’t mind being surrounded by stores then just ride the paddle boat around. Or you can check out the events they have going on all weekend as well as checking out the bar that is right next to the paddle boat rezzer.

It’s not a large deal of a holiday outside of the states since Labor Day is an American holiday. It does not mean that there isn’t something or other to do with the three days you may have off. For me the holiday always means the official end to Summer. As an adult my Summer has been actually been over for a month now.

However you decide to spend it, virtual or in real life, be safe with your partying. Don’t piss me off. And have some fun.

“Tipsy” Cerulean




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