Timey Wimey

Hello Sweetie!

Doctor Who official starts today! I am so super excited to see the new season start that I felt it was a good time to get all Timey Wimey on you.

If you are as huge of a Doctor Who fan as I am then you might want to check out a few of the Doctor Who sims of Second Life. With that said….

Doctor Who Exposition & Doctor Who Citadel

This is, by far, my favorite Doctor Who sim on Second Life. The landmark I have given you will take you to the museum. If you want to check out the many other areas then there is a teleport you can use.

Must Exam The Tartis.

 “I’m always worried about the Daleks.”

Paradox Island (M) 

Give Me Fish Fingers And Custard.

This is a Doctor Who role-playing sim for those who want more than just watching the show.

New New York (Who Island) (M)

Fine Art.

“Strictly speaking, it’s the fifteenth New York, which makes it New New New New New New… New New New New New New… New New New York.”

“It’s Alway’s Bigger On The Inside.” 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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  1. […] Doctor Who’s new season started this past Saturday so I spent the entire day dressed as a tiny Dalek in Second Life. I thought, since I ended up taking numerous photos, I would share my story of grid hopping as a Dalek. […]

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