Holidays, Cocktails, & Daleks

I hope that everyone in the states had a wonderful Labor Day. And I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Monday yesterday. 

Spent The Day With Mr. C. Cow.

What did I do over the holiday weekend?  Watched a LOT of baseball. Bishop made a lot of Long Island Ice Teas. I might have made a few new SL friends but I”m not too sure do to all of the beer & long island ice teas. Mr. C. Cow played a lot of card games with Andy the yard panda.

Doctor Who’s new season started this past Saturday so I spent the entire day dressed as a tiny Dalek in Second Life. I thought, since I ended up taking numerous photos, I would share my story of grid hopping as a Dalek.


I’ve learned a few things while wandering the grid as a tiny Dalek. When you go to a playground & there are people around they tend to stare at you. Especially when you keep yelling exterminate at an elephant toy & shoot lasers at it. I also found out that they are not too excited to get on a see-saw with you.

I’ll Exterminate You Later If You Get On The See-Saw With Me.

After exterminating the hell out of various playground equipment I decided that it might be a good idea to clean up around the ol’ SL homestead. I found that I have a knack for exterminating the hell out of baked on grease that just won’t go away.

Even Dalek’s Sometimes Need To Do Dishes.

After finishing up the dishes I decided to take in a show. After about 15 minutes of watching happy sheep & pigs dance around I didn’t feel like exterminating avatars around the grid. I actually felt, what was that emotion called again, happy. Yes. I think you might call it happy. I am really losing my touch.

Dance Little Animals! Dance For Me!

While I was leaving the show I ran into a really ticked off bunny who got in my way. After, seeing as I was still exploring this happy feeling, politely explained to him that you will obey the Dalek’s. And get the hell out of my way. After this ticked off bunny “kindly” explained to me that he was not going to move I no longer wanted to figure out this happy feeling. I just decided to go back to exterminating.


So much for no longer wanting to exterminate around the grid! A Daleks gotta do what a Daleks gotta do.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos Taken At:

Mr. C. Cow & I enjoying a cocktail as well as the dish washing photo were both taken at my personal home.

Playground: Family Fun Park

Animal Theater & Ticked Off Bunny: D-Lab


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