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  1. You should check out the other memberships, like the 22.50$ Quarterly, which gets you in those three months 3600L$ which means like 14$ out of the 22.50$ and then with 8.50$ the 512 sq.m. land which basically means a 182L$ weekly Rent, which is somewhat okay.
    If you get it yearly or like I did, in a special offer of 11.50$ for the first quarter there’s nothing to complain about. Yearly you get 14400L$ or 56$ out of the 72$, and with those 16$ you get a land a year long, meaning an 85L$ Weekly rent, which is as cheap as it could get.
    However, if you don’t care about the stipend and you do pay weekly you can get estate owned land for a bit more like 0.91$ a week for 130prim instead of 0.70$ for 116prims at mainland. And at least you know that there is nice stuff around you and possibly more traffic.

    1. I ended up going private estate because of a future project coming up that has to do with them. A little more but it puts me in a good traffic zone, gives me the space & prims to do what I need to do, & gets me closer to working on side projects I have in the works.

      Was sad to see my stupid little 512 go. Have had it since 2007. I decided that it’s time to just let it go, drop the premium, & work on this project I’m excited about. If it doesn’t work out then I can always go back to premium in the future. 🙂

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