Moving On Up!

I am currently in the process of moving the SLA Office (As well as the Detune Studios office) from its current location to a new home. After much discussion with Bishop, thinking, & weighing options for new ventures in creativity I think it’s time to move.

For over five years I have had a premium Second Life membership. It has given me a little 512 of land to just throw up a small office. I’ve never needed anything bigger because I write. I don’t sell t-shirts or fake boobs. I write. Do to recent events & upcoming new collaborations I will be making in our virtual world this 512, combined with what I pay a month in rent for a home, a premium account is no longer worth it.

Strangely enough I am sad about this but to put it another way it is wasted money that can be spent someplace else. Also I feel a little sad since I have had this 512 plot of land since 2007. But…sometimes you have to move on. Especially when it’s to bigger, better, & exciting new things.

Now hopefully someone will just buy the stupid thing before I get all prim weepy.

The positive side is the fact that I now have the space to have an office & work on other projects I have cooking up for the near future. (Shhh….not telling you yet…) Also you can feel free to not just end up stuck in a small square office. Feel free to actually walk out of the building & walk around. There is a nice little hangout next to the pond where both biggies & tinies can find a donut, coffee, or Bacardi the crab wandering around.

Putting Together The Lands.

So…NO the SLA Review isn’t going anywhere. It’s office is. You can check out our new office HERE.  I’ve changed the office SLurl landmark on the site to reflect the move.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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