I was wandering around Second Life a tad bit lost as to what to write about today. I randomly started typing letters into search when I started noticing different mazes popping up. I said “Hmm…well that sounds like fun.” So here we are.

Not that exciting of a story I know. I’m drinking a beer & sipping on whiskey as I write. Hopefully that will make you go “Ooooo!!” in A-Maze-Ment.

I’m here all night folks!

Here are three of the interesting mazes I ran into while using search. (Search can be your friend…sometimes…)

1. Hedge Maze Of Nevermore (M)

Where I teleported in there was no “maze instructions” or greeters. It was a straightforward choice between taking the safe clean-looking path or the over-grown way. Of course I took the broken gate into the overgrown maze.

Which Path Will You Take?

This isn’t a very difficult maze. It took me less than a minute to get to a different gate. Another minute from there to get to a different one. This maze isn’t really about getting lost & having hard challenge as much as a place of beauty. It’s very well put together & I feel that some people could possibly use this as a backdrop for any photos they are taking. If you do find yourself in the overgrown maze portion be sure to keep an eye out for the Mad Hatters tea party. I heard he has a cup just for you.


2. Shifty Maze! (M)

The shifty maze actually happens to be right outside of one of my favorite places to go in Second Life. Squeebee’s Mystery Science Theater. They do a weekly prize for the best time. It’s a straightforward simple textured shifting maze. No weird stuff jumping out at you. They do a weekly prize for the best time. Hopefully that will give you enough motivation to finish the maze. It is a really good maze but is completely frustrating. Walls kept moving. I kept cursing. The maze kept yelling at me to use my mini map for direction. If you think you can handle it then I say go for it. I want you all to go & see if you can beat my DNF time. I ended up going next door & watching a MST3K movie. I got distracted really easy and…OH LOOK! A Prim Squirrel!!

3. The Great Rolyat 3D Maze (M)

This is absolute bull crap! I just wanted to get that out-of-the-way before we go on.

The Great Rolyat 3D maze lays claim to being the largest mainland maze until proven otherwise. I really don’t think it’s going to be disputed because who feels like measure. Also, who really gives a fuck? Or actually cares?

This maze visit was weird. The teleport I took from search told me nothing about RLV. If I would have scrolled down a bit in the search I would have found a different listing for the same place only with the RLV mentioned. I bring RLV up now because, trust me, it will make sense in a minute.

From the place I teleported in I felt like I was in a room that was built-in the dawn of the Second Life era.

Go forth pioneer avatars & get-ith me free textures!! Huzzah!

I was treated to a teleport that offered to take me to check out dancing, rentals, shops, & so on & so forth. Not going to get into any of them because we are just here to check out the maze.

Let me stop for a moment. At this point I should have known something funny was going on when there was a box next to where I landed with a free RLV relay.

As I teleported into the maze area I found myself completely surrounded my naked pictures of noobish looking avatars. As I turned I noticed vendors for freakish sex monsters. If you’re looking for a prim octopenis or a rape sex spider then I may have landed in the room for you.

Oh Look! You can have sex with a unicorn! A-Fucking-Maze-Ing!

After staring at the octopenis picture out of the corner of my little prim eye for a few moments I finally jumped down a hole into the maze. I was then informed that I was being timed. Fuck. Now the rape spider sellers have my avatars name.

Would you like to know my maze time? Five seconds! A new record folks! (The crowd goes wild…rah…) Actually I didn’t finish the maze. I was actually in it for five seconds. The maze kept informing me OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN that I needed to be wearing my RLV relay. Screw you!

I Just Want To Slap The Hell Out Of That Texture.

This brings up a couple of questions that I have. Why have two advertisements for the same place when only one of them mentions that the maze is RLV? I would have left it alone & carried my happy prim ass someplace else. Yet…here I am writing shit about it because I ended up there. Also, shouldn’t all of this stuff be in an adult area & not a mature area? RLV stuff, rape spiders, nude avatar pictures (not to mention the real life topless photo hanging on the wall.) Hmm…..

Hopefully this will get you started on your path to enlighten…no…that’s not right. May the force be…shit…not right either. I guess the moral of the story is to watch out for unicorns that want to have sex with you. Oh…and mazes are cool. (But not as cool as bow ties.)

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. What skin you have on the amaizing_1 imagine (“which path you`ll take” imagine)? Is verry nice.

    1. It’s actually not a skin but a statue that they had in one part of the maze. 🙂 Would be kinda cool to find a statue-like skin.

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