And It’s Good! Or Not..

American Football season is upon us and, because I am a sports freak, I thought it would be interesting to discuss various places where avatars team up with other avatars to throw the pigskin around.

Well…I’m going to attempt to discuss football in Second Life today. Things got a bit….weird…

I do have two landmarks for you & pictures of some stadiums but the story somehow doesn’t seem to end up being about the places themselves. Just virtual football observations in general.  SL’s biggest contribution to American football is the Second Life Football League. I had written a huge sentence about players, cheerleaders, & so on but erased the whole thing because, in all honesty, I found nothing of interest nor did I find anything helpful.

Two of the stadiums that I visited were the homes Of The Nightfall Lions (M) & The Onyx Bills Stadium (M) . I would have visited more stadiums but strangely enough it’s not that easy to find where the teams are actually playing. Some landmarks in search were incorrect & lead me nowhere. The official website for the league was riddled with posts that were nothing but advertisement spam.  To me it’s sad that an official website for something that has been spotlighted as a “place to visit” would have so much spam crap all over it. It’s like the last season ended & no one has bothered to even check out what’s happening to their site. If they even bothered to clear out any spam in the first place.

According to everything I could find on the league (as the stadiums I found weren’t helpful with info.) they finished their season already this past Summer. When do they play again? I have no clue. After a while I started to not even care & just flat-out stopped trying to find any info.

Playing Under The Lights.

I would like to point out a few things of interest. The football teams in Second Life do resemble real life football teams. From names like “Rampage Redskins” to “SLF Broncos” right down to the way the team logos very closely resemble real life football team logos. It feels like it skirts the line of what is allowed & what is copyright infringement. Not quite a blatant copy but so close that it sounds weird when you say “The Patriots Are Playing The Packers.” & you are actually talking about SL.

There are other leagues that I see on occasion trying to start-up around the grid. I wish them the very best because I would love to actually see a game. See how it works & how many people attend to cheer on one team or the other. I would also like to see the Second Life Football League fix the many issues it seems to have with broken landmarks, horrible website management, & a lack of information in general. Sports can be fun to watch in SL when you are a huge fan. It’s no fun when the “biggest thing on the grid” isn’t so hot.

Concentrating On My Kick.

This is where I would usually end my article but I wanted to tell you a quick little story first.

While I was trying to check out stadiums I ended up being followed around by some strange avatar who I kept saying hello to. He never said a word to me but just followed me around the stands.


Around the field. Down a ramp. And even into the parking lot.


I tried saying “Hello” & “Can I help you?” numerous times with no answer. I guess it’s not every virtual day you run into a tiny bulldog wearing a helmet at a football stadium.

Hope he got to do a lot of “What the fuck ?” that day. I know I did. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean



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