Speak Like A Scurvy Pirate Day!

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  

Or as I like to call it “Grog-Filled International Speak Like A Scurvy Pirate Day!”.

Ahoy & Stuff.

What started out as a parody & has turned out to be just great a ruckas & annoyance to them who don’t shout scurvy pirate It has spread all over th’ seven seas. Personally i reckon scurvy pirate day be every day. Just so that I can shout like ’tis & I dig a jolly tattered eye patch. I also heartly enjoy th’ sin’in’.

Me Ship At Port.

To help ye to have a jolly pirate speakin’ day here be some information ye might be needin to help ye on scurvy pirate day.

Post Like A Pirate

History Of Pirates

Pirate Phrases

Ships fer sale.

Be sure to check out all ‘o th’ pirate related events & places to visit by searcin’ fer scurvy pirates tday. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean Th’ Scurvy Pirate

Photos Taken At:

The Raglan Shire Wharf & Costal Fort (G) (Port ‘o th’ Tinies)

Pirate’s Cove – Hatchie Haven (M)  (Home ‘o th’ Hatchie Dragons)

1700’s Pirate Sea Of Of Fair Winds (M) (Role fightin’ band ‘o pirates fer th’ big avies.)


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  1. Yo-ho-ho, me heartie – smashin’ stuff! Long Jeanette Silver

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