First Day Of Autumn

Welcome to the first day of Autumn!

Hurray! Woo Hoo!

Although it doesn’t feel like Fall where I live it is upon us. The temperatures will slowly start to drop. The leaves will start to change colors. People will massacre pumpkins to look like faces or to place inside of pie shells. I love the Autumn. Aside from the temperatures dropping & knowing that the leaves will soon disappear it’s still an awesome time of the year. The colors. The views. The fall beers that will start to arrive.

If you’re in the mood to see a bit of the Autumn color in Second Life or flat-out need something to wander around this weekend then here are three falls things to check out.

1. Autumn In SL (M)

This is a simple autumn decorated sim that has the potential to give a few of you some wonderful fall flavored photos. (Try saying “Fall Flavored Photos” five times fast.) Paths through the woods, around the campground, & over the river give you this peaceful type of feeling as you walk.

Sitting By The Campfire.

They do offer rental cabins that run around 600L a week for 100 prims. To me, personally, it feels a bit on the high side. But, if you think of it in other terms, you could pay a week to have a SL vacation with a loved one, family fall holiday, or just hide out in a beautiful fall sim fora  week.

Shhh! Don’t scare the deer.

2. All About Autumn Fair & Acorn Hunt (M)

Shopping fairs & hunts are not my bag. Even so I thought I would give them a shout out do to a lot of people asking “When does this start?”. Well…it has started.

There will be prize give-aways, dancing, & other fun things to do while you search for acorns which can be found at the market carts. The treet tv show “Happy Hunting” will be doing a show about this fair so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

3. Fall Fields (M)

Fall Fields gives you a sort of Autumn festival feel as you wander around. It’s not too big but they did a wonderful job with the space they have. Wander over to the large tent to dance to the music, see how brave you are by riding the broken down ferris wheel or spooky ride, or let two pumpkin headed coachmen give you a hay ride. It’s not cluttered. It’s not a whole lot but it’s still worth a few moments of your virtual time to check out.

What Are You Looking At Mr. Tree??!?!?

Have A Wonderful First Day Of Fall!

Mr. C. Cow Needs An Acorn Hat!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tiny photo with Mr. C. Cow was taken at at the home of the SLA Review Office. Feel free to wander around as it is open to everyone big & small.  Acorn cap was purchased off of the marketplace for only 50L. It is petite sized but can be resized into any size you need. The jeans I’m wearing as my biggie are from Jane & the sweatshirt is from Ducknipple. I have pumpkin beer so I’m being nice today.


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