Halloween Warrior Of DOOM!

My real life neighbor has had their Halloween decorations up for two weeks. This past weekend they got pumpkins. I don’t understand why you would get a pumpkin & carve it now. By Halloween it will be squishy & rotted. Maybe that’s what they are going for.

In Second Life I tried putting off the Halloween decorating as long as I could. I tried to embrace the thought of Summer. Green leaves. Flowers. It didn’t last very long. I totally caved in & started decorating for Halloween now. My reasoning is the fact that I get a little longer use out of the Halloween folder I have stuffed in the bowels of my inventory. At least virtual carved jack-o-lanterns won’t rot before the holiday gets here.

Let’s Decorate!

I will probably change things a million times around the office & Tipsy’s World (I needed to name it something) but you are always more than welcome to wander the SLA office & grounds. You can even sit down & watch a Halloween Popeye cartoon if you feel like it.

I enjoy the Fall. I love Halloween. So, starting today, each article that comes out will involve either Halloween or Autumn. A month of haunted places, fall festivals, & seasonal stuff to do. Some family oriented. Some extremely adult. Many in-between. I might break it up once a week with a list of things to do on the weekend but I wanted to share in the season with everyone. Give you a place to get your scare on or just virtually walk the changing landscape.

So it’s time to decorate & start thinking about what you’re going to be for virtual Halloween. I know that I’ll go through many costumes (both biggie & tiny) from now till then while writing about spooky stuff & the various things I am going to.

Time to get cracking!


“Tipsy” Cerulean

First Photo Taken At: SLA Office

Second Photo Taken At: Darkwood Castle (A)

My Warrior Looking Costume Is From: S & S Designs – Barka Woman Brown. (RC) Group Gift Comes with everything you see plus Sandals that you cannot see in this picture.) I’m not into Gor but I think it would make a kick ass “I will crush you” female warrior costume. Just add an ax or a sword to it for max ass kicking.


4 responses

  1. i’m your real life neighbor and you’re a douche

    1. It’s a really nice effort on your part but you really should have went with bitch or asshole. It’s Ok. Maybe you’ll get it right the next time.

      I do hope that your pumpkin gets chewed on by a rabid raccoon, infested with tics, & filled with crap by one of the many dogs that roam the neighborhood. Happy Halloween!!

  2. Tipsy.. you can be a douche and i still ❤ you.. you're the awesomest douche ever!!!! 😀 \o/

    1. (tears up) It’s such an honor to add “douche” to the many names I get called. I accept this award with great pride & stuffs.

      You rock! 😀 ❤

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