Though I Walk Through The Valley

First big Halloween related place that gets its own review & I am recommending it. Yes. I am recommending you go here, wander around & have some spooky fun. It has its quirks but overall it’s well worth a trip in your virtually haunted tour.

Wait…Crap..I should probably tell you where I am talking about as well as some tidbits on it. My bad!

While randomly picking through the Second Life search I came across a place called Haunted Valley (M). I have been through so many different haunted/scary/spoooookkkky places already this season I had very low expectations on finding a handful of places that didn’t suck. Amazingly enough I was pleasantly surprised.

What He Said.

When I first teleported in I was facing a mausoleum that contained a dance club. Halloween mood sounds surrounded me as I checked out the place. It made me feel like I was at a cheesy school dance minus the awkward date & spiked punch.I could have done without the cauldron bubbling noises but that’s just being too downright picky about shit. It’s Halloween so sometimes super cheese works.

The sim itself isn’t overly crowded. There is no virtual side stepping to avoid items thrown on the ground in some “Must put everything scary out!” frenzy. The haunted figures & items are placed in a thought through manner. From the broke down rusty ferris wheel to the freakish cemetery. It just works.

He Just Wants To Eat Your Brains.

I think that the major highlight of the Haunted Valley is it’s haunted house. It’s not very big or packed full of crap. It’s good size with carefully planned scares that actually work. I don’t want to ruin the house itself but I do want to say that I had my volume up WAY TOO LOUD & one sound actually scared the shit out of me.

Where SL Fashion REALLY Comes From.

There are always downsides to everything. The corn maze was a textured prim so things would bleed through it. The…well..actually…that’s really about it. It’s not a place worth nitpicking the small stuff. From its dance ball in the woods to the blood river that runs through it the place isn’t bad at all.

Ahhh! Fire!!!

I highly recommend checking out Haunted Valley. Be sure to check out their calendar for event times, take a nap in the haunted house, & bring a friend. A good scare is always better when there is someone to share it with.

“Tipsy” (The Halloween Warrior) Cerulean 




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