It’s Fright-day!

Errr..I Mean….It’s Friday!

Time to shed the weekday funk, grab a few drinks, & warm up the ol’ Second Life. As nerdy as that sounds there is always plenty to do in-world if you are just sitting around. Also drinking at home is WAY cheaper (& safer) then bar hopping. To stick with the whole seasonal/Halloween/oh shit I need to find a costume I decided to dress up for today’s “Things To Do In Second Life On A Weekend”.

I Gots A Pumpkin On My Head!

Let’s Get Right To It!

1. Tim Burton Art Gallery (M)

Yes. Somebody made an art gallery completely dedicated to the works of Tim Burton. If you are really into the various works that Mr. Burton has given the world & enjoy art then I suggest taking the time to check them out.

2. Oktoberfest 2012 (G)

It’s really a store that added a Oktoberfest in the square. I mention this for three reasons. I like beer. If you can’t go to the real Oktoberfest you can at least pretend you are there. You could take a picture next to something Oktoberfest-ish while holding a giant beer (You’ll just have to provide your own jumbo beer. Gah!)

3. St. Thaddeus Monestary (M)

This really isn’t big at all. It’s very tiny. A two second stay.  Only reason I am even bothering to mention this is because I had a mummy ghost thing follow me around that kept saying “Glurg”. I have never heard a mummy say “Glurg” before. The ones in movies have never said “Glurg” & I’ve never heard a museum mummy say anything. If it did I would probably pee myself with fear.  Not worth the visit. Just wanted to say “Glurg” a lot.

4. Amityville Inspired Haunted House (M)

Someone Needs To Clean.

If you know about the events that occurred at 112 Ocean Avenue then you might be interested in checking this out. It feels like they didn’t bother to finish decorating the place as it is empty. It is good if you are interested in reading about the various events that happened in the house.  Be it the original murders  (don’t click this link if you can’t handle the photos from this documentary) or the “story” of those who lived there afterwards.

As usual you’ll find me at Prim Charades at 5pm SLT every Friday. After that who knows!

I do want to mention that the Raglan Shire has Shocktober coming up officially on Friday October 5th but you can see how the building/decorating are coming along.  I’ll be writing all about it when it’s officially time!


“Tipsy” Cerulean

The Halloween Pumpkin Head I am wearing in the first picture I got off of the marketplace for free. It is mod. so you can make it fit any sized noggin. It does not come with the hat you see in the picture.

The Comfy Blouse (Blondie) mesh shirt  in the second picture was purchased at PopTart.


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