National Squirrel Month

I thought it was time to fill everyone in on how important the month of October is. Yes. I know Halloween is this month. It’s even bigger then that. Halloween gets only one day. This gets an entire month dedicated to it. I’ll give you a hint. It’s furry. They like nuts. Yes….It’s……

October is National Squirrel month. A time to go onto the internet & watch countless squirrels stuck on moving bird feeders for hours on end. You could read about National Squirrel Month, make yourself into a tiny squirrel on SL, or just go back onto the internet to watch squirrel videos.

However you celebrate be sure to take the time to say hi to a tiny squirrel on Second Life. Or give one in your yard a nut. Or…I guess you could just go back to watching squirrel videos.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Stuffed Squirrel In Photo Was Purchased At HPMD

If you want to celebrate in style you can always pick up one of the many Wynx Tiny Squirrels.


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