Halloween Trail 2012

Today starts the 6th Annual Halloween Trail at Aero Pines Park. I really enjoy biking through the park any time of the year but love their annual Halloween trail every year. You can’t go wrong with 9 regions filled with various horror areas with a nature hike in-between.

To maneuver around down the paths Aero Pines Park you could bike, fly a broom, hike it, or ride your horse. I even found an area where you could rez a jeep & just drive. I would make a comment on how much faster it would be to drive but my driving experience usually ends with me lagging into a lake over a sim crossing.

There is an INSANE amount of haunted areas to check out during your visit. Too many to list so I do recommend you grab a notecard during your visit if you are lazy & don’t want to walk to each place. Inside the notecard you’ll find landmarks to places like a haunted mansion, cemetery, & even a haunted prison.

I will share with you two areas that I found to be entertaining. The first is Thriller Alley behind the Awflle House. It’s not very big but it works great for a Halloween photo opportunity. Grab the “Thriller Dance Hud”, wear it, & just start dancing in an alley full of night creatures. I’m not a fan of MJ but it is kind a funny to dance behind a place called “The Awffle House”.

Shake That Thang!

The second area I visited was modeled after Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. If you’ve never seen the movie then I suggest checking it out. The area for The Birds is small but it does showcase the fact that birds can be really freaking scary in large enraged packs of winged DOOM. It might also scare the shit out of a few people I know who are horribly afraid of birds.

Caaa Caaaaawww!

The Aero Pines Halloween Trail never fails to disappoint. It runs from today through October 31st.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*Usually I would tell you if an area is M or G rated. This proves to be hard when writing about the entire Halloween trail as different areas have different ratings. Some areas are G while others are M rated.*


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