Elvis Lives?

I’m not into places that have the words “Mall & Games” in their name. It’s a huge turn off for me. It’s up there with horribly textured clubs & guys who can’t bring themselves to wear shirts on Second Life. With that said I decided to stop by a place called the Elvis Lives Haunted House (M) even though mall & game were both mentioned in their name.

In all honesty the only reason I decided to stop at was because I wanted to see if there was actually an undead Elvis running around. Maybe in blood spattered blue suede shoes shuffling around while saying “Thank you very much” in his Elvis-y voice.

Ahhhem! Have You Seen Undead Elvis Around?

Oh Come On! You know you would want to see that too!

Although I walked around the haunted house twice I never did see a dead Elvis shaking his hips around. Maybe I missed it. Even though my hopes were high on the sighting I still ended up being downright happy I took the change to visit this place.

When you first teleport in take note of the Elvis Lives Haunted House sign on the brick wall. There you will find a photo of undead Elvis just in case you really needed to get your fix. You can find out information about the haunted house as well as a hunt they currently have going on. The object you are looking for is a small orange & black pumpkin. I cannot tell you what the different hunt items are as I was not there for a hunt.

I made two visits to this haunted house. My first time I came as my tiny. Within the first minute I had a slight run in with an ax. Lucky for me my nugget was completely safe. My hat on the other hand did not survive. R.I.P. little Halloween hat.

Poor Little Hat!

This year has proven to be a wonderful year for virtual haunted houses. As it turns out this is one of the scariest movie themed haunted houses I have seen so far this year. In every room you found some sort of homage to a scary movie. It doesn’t have that “This movie is scary so I’ll just throw it in this room” feel. They took the time to try & properly freak you out while you walked around.

Dinner Is Served.

There are a few hidden areas that you shouldn’t miss. It’s not too difficult to find them as there are signs near them that kinda point you in the right direction.

She Was Just Trying To Nap!!!

My second visit proved to be extremely interesting when I decided to try & take a cool picture with my biggie avatar. This time around one of the people who run the place was there, in full costume, to try & freak people out. I thought this was a nice touch that reminded me of real life haunted houses. Sometimes you can’t rely on the decorations alone. Having someone in character as you are trying to wander around helps with the atmosphere.

They probably watched me trying various poses for about ten minutes before I wandered around & found one that would work for a photo. While I was trying to get a good angle they came down & posed next to me. I thought “Well..Hell…That’s pretty awesome!”. So I snapped my picture.

Just A Little Off The Top Please!

I must say that the Elvis Lives Haunted House (M) is worth a quick spooky visit. I do recommend going with a friend or two. Then you can always make them walk into danger first.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Walk Through Horror Doorways Alone!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I want to also make a quick mention that the  Monster Gacha Festival (G) is currently happening in Second Life. It’s not a very large festival (A lot of empty carts) but I am mentioning it because it’s a good spot to stop & look for Halloween odds & ends. Also it’s cheap & you can’t go wrong with cheap for Halloween related items.  Especially since you only use them once a year.

Monster Gacha Items In Biggie Photo: 

Blue Blood – Teal – Draggy Dress

Kireri  – Ripped  Stockings

Evil Toast Is EVIL!

Kireri – Red Eyes

Monster Nom Shoulder Pet – In A Nutshell

The Unfortunate Hat That Got Hit With An Ax Was Purchased On The Marketplace For 10L. The Happy Hat Halloween.

*All Photos Were Taken Just Using Windlight. They were just cropped & “SLA Review” added to the photo except for the “Take A Little Of The Top” Photo. I Used PicMonkey To Make It Extra Spooky.*



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