Shocktober is now upon us at the Raglan Shire! Ghosts hungry for waffles, terror filled rides, & spooky things that tiptoe through the night.

As with anything in the shire it doesn’t matter if your small or big. Everyone is always welcome to partake in the festivities. I do want to mention that with the HUGE obsession with the mesh hamsters at the Arcade Gacha event this is the perfect place for you to use them. Gives you not only a reason to wear your hamster but a place where you are totally welcome to wear it. (And have some fun to boot.)

Thanks For Carrying Me Mr. Bones!

As usual the tinies of the Raglan Shire have outdone themselves again with this years Halloween “Shocktober” celebration. They have everything from the “Tiny Ride Of Horrors” to the “Haunted Carnival“. I am really digging this years haunted house. I’ve been chased by rats, spoken to by ghost clams, & traumatized by spiders. You can’t say it’s a good haunted house unless something traumatized you.

Tipsy Is Friend Not Food!

Besides the various areas to visit there will be live music performances, movies, parties, trick or treating, as well as other events happening all month-long. Be sure to check out the events calendar for more information & times.

If you are looking for Halloween freebies, decorations, costumes, & assorted scary things then there is an  area in the haunted house for all of your needs. Many of the items are free to low-priced so it won’t break you to pick up a few items. A lot of the items, like the Halloween hats, seem like they would work pretty good for those of you still on the hamster kick. I’ve picked up two different sets that I wanted to share with you.

The first picture is the INGZ Chinese Take Out Costume (149L)

Friends Don’t Leave Friends Dressed As Carry Out Alone!

I absolutely love this costume because it comes with the hat, take out box, & noodle that hangs out of your mouth. If you click on the hat it gives you a fortune. Not only do you have a costume that looks awesome it also ends up making you hungry if you stare at it too long. Hopefully no ghouls will try to eat you.

The second picture is that of the ((Hippo)) Candy Corn Costume & Headband (0L).

Can You Help Me Find My Way Out Mr. Scary Guy?

Nothing says “I really love candy corn! You don’t by any chance want to give me any do ya?” more than wearing this beauty. Once again you do run the risk of someone walking up & trying to nibble on you. Just look at them & say “Don’t eat  me even though I am delicious!”.

Both costumes as well as other items can be found in the special set up shopping area.

Remember that avatars big & small are always welcome to anything the Raglan Shire puts on. I highly recommend checking out this years Shocktober because it is really a lot of fun.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*I do recommend trying it out as a tiny so that you can interact with many of the items. Click HERE to find an avatar of your choice to wear. You can get a lot of free gestures & costumes at the shopping area if you just want to use it to explore. Being small is not needed but I always recommend trying it out (or at least wearing that mesh hamster) just to have a bit of shorter of stature fun.*


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