Scared To Death

After I visited the Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride (M) last week so I could write it was added to the Destination Guide. At first I thought to myself “Crap! I just spent all morning taking pictures & writing so I could review it!”. I came very close to just throwing out the whole review & moving on. Especially when it wasn’t a good review but it wasn’t a “This place majorly sucks” review. I decided “Why should I scrap it?”. So, with that said, you get a review on a place that was added to the destination guide, I didn’t waste an entire morning, & “Saint” Bishop gets to throw his two cents in on the place.

Win for just about everyone!

When you first teleport into the Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride (M) you find yourself standing in a typical haunted Second Life area. Scary noises followed up by scary looking items floating around. The outside of the ride isn’t what everyone comes for. It’s the ride itself.

This Doesn’t Look Sanitary!

Was It Actually Any Good?

Well…If you ask me it’s not that bad. It has your typical Freddy & Jason appearances. Your zombies & freaky sounds with a side of some sort of blood & gore.

Yes. I’m Back. Again.

You get into a pumpkin shaped car & just sit back & let the ride take you through various rooms of horror. I, personally, think the ride gets kinda of boring after a while. It feels so drawn out & long that I, despite the scares, just wanted to get off. An example of feeling that the ride itself was long was the area that was dedicated to the movie “Psycho“. I would like to say that it looked really nice. But I feel there was no need to slowly drive my pumpkin car past every single hotel room. I actually got up in real life & made a drink because I had the time.

I Wonder If I Can Borrow Some Sugar.

This is probably because I went solo. I am assuming that if you take a large group of people with you then it’s much more fun. 

Despite the fact that I felt the ride was long & many of the scares have been so overplayed in real life & virtual life there were a few good points that I would like to mention. It was interesting to see a haunted house do a “Blair Witch Project” ride by. They also took the time to add a LOT of scary movies to this ride.  And, although EVERYONE likes to use scary clowns in everything now I still liked yelling “Screw you evil clowns!” at my screen.

I Hate Clowns!

Bishop did a ride through & didn’t care for the whole thing. His reasoning is that it was long & some “spooky” elements have been so overplayed everywhere that it didn’t feel original. Someone needs to come up with some new material to freak us out.

I will give Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride (M)  a “do check out” if you don’t go for a solo ride. I think that having someone to talk to while the ride is going on is it’s saving grace. This is probably the reason why the cars are so large. It’s not a solo spooky visit.  Also there are some areas of the ride that are pretty interesting. If you’re not tired of Jason & Freddy yet then by all means do check them out.

“Tipsy-Zilla” Cerulean Capalini



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