Tiny Podcasting Madness!

The Tinies Of The Raglan Shire were looking for people to help out by doing various things for their community. Since I do a lot of writing & have always had a soft spot for the Shire I decided that I wanted to do something to help out their great community. I can only draw stick figures of Godzilla eating people & my building skills aren’t on the virtual Michelangelo level. I write. It’s what I do. It’s what I have done since I started on Second Life. After a few drinks one night & a really awesome virtual conversation Bishop mentioned that we should consider podcasting various happenings for the Shire. It made sense. I love to write. He owns a real life music studio. With that the “Tinies On Tape” were born.

Episode 1 just came out which you can listen to here. As of right now we are doing a bi-weekly podcast but if it ends up being something that people listen to & become involved with we might end up doing more. We are using it to talk about the monthly events, shout outs from in-world residents, as well as what’s happening in the shire. Mr. C. Cow has even gotten involved by doing a “Where In The Shire Is Mr. C. Cow?” contest.

Where Am I?

It’s nice to be doing something positive to help a very positive Second Life community out. I hope that it gets other residents of Second Life thinking about what they could do to help out their SL communities. There is so much more to SL then just shopping & going to clubs. This isn’t just for tinies to listen to. It’s for all avatars to enjoy. To have a bit of fun. And find cool things to do in the Shire on Second Life.

I do plan on throwing it up on iTunes sometimes this week. For now you can listen right HERE.

No. I’m still writing the SLA Review. That will never go away. I just wanted to let you know about this awesome project that I am glad to be doing.  I also, amazingly enough, have my hands into some other upcoming side projects but those are a ways off. It’s nice to sometimes do positive things for others.

I want to thank the Raglan Shire for this opportunity!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Episode 2 podcast should be out the week of October 21st. 

Tinies On Tape Website

Listen Here

Raglan Shire Website

Raglan Shire SLurl


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