Trick Or Treat

I want to give the Second Life destination guide props today for actually showcasing an area that doesn’t suck. I’m not saying that all of their choices are bad ones. I’m just saying that sometimes some really horrible places like to pop up there on occasion.

The Haunted House At Silent (G) is one of those destination guide picks that is actually worth your time.  Set up in a realistic Halloween night setting it allows you to go door to door through a small neighborhood to collect your candy. I absolutely love this idea because it’s a step away from the ho-hum Halloween horror repeats we run into all over the grid. It also gives those who are into the whole RP family thing a chance to dress everyone up & have a virtual trick or treating experience.

I Hope They Have Good Candy!

If you’re not just satisfied with gathering your candy from the neighbors there is a house at the end of the street that no one dares knock at their door. It’s frightening to glance at & sends chills up your prim spine when you even consider seeing if they have any Halloween candy. It’s old. It looks haunted. It might have horrors beyond you imagination. Of course you have to check it out.

I Don’t Think I’m Hungry Anymore!

I’ve seen this haunted house building used in a few different Halloween areas of Second Life this year. The good part is that each one has decorated it completely different from the other. Although the room count & layout are the same they have at least distinguished themselves from other horror areas. The way they have decorated this haunted house is spot on with the scares one might think of when wandering into an old house when you should have stayed on the candy trail.

You’re Not The Regular Doctor!

I do recommend checking out the Haunted House At Silent. Even if there wasn’t a haunted house I would say this purely on the whole virtual trick or treating thing.  I have even considered taking a few people trick or treating there with me. It’s a brilliant idea & it’s a perfect place to dress up & take your whole virtual family.

Anyone Want To Trade Candy? I have a Tootsie Roll I can trade!

“Tipsy Ghost” Cerulean

I do want to share the Halloween costume I was wearing while doing the review. It was kinda hard to make out in the photos & I did promise more costume ideas.

XC Ghost Bride Avatar (Marketplace)

It is currently 99L for a limited time. I do not know how long this limited time will last. I like the avatar. It’s not bad. I do plan on using it again in the future. They also have a Ghost Groom for sale as well.


2 responses

  1. Wow! I really like the whole setup and as you said, You are not landing directly into a “Haunted House” you land in these whole scenario of Halloween which makes it totally different of the rest. And you can Trick or Treat 🙂

    1. They did a really good job with it. Makes me want to grab people & take them trick or treating with me. LOL!

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