The Bloody Herbivore

The hilarity of this whole article lies within the fact that I am a vegetarian. For the love of everything good I hug trees. They’ve never hugged back but some day. Some….day….

I thought we would have a wee bit of really horrifying bloody fun today. I really wanted to share some more costume ideas & had the opportunity to show some really unseemly ones. I’ve linked each outfit to the SL Marketplace for easy breezy shopping convenience.

If you are trying to channel your inner bloody freak then this ensemble is perfect for the weirdo in you. It screams “Yes I am covered in blood but I remembered to wear my apron!”. Being covered in blood is really kinda nasty & it did make me feel like I desperately needed a prim shower. Oh…the things I do for you people.

Does Someone Have a Napkin?

Redrum bloody apron  (Mesh)

Blood on face 

Corvus – Killer Hands Tattoo 

Bloody Knees 

Here is a better picture so you can view the tattoo I’m sporting on my neck.


Psycho Tattoo

Extra Blood Is From A REALLY Old Group Gift.

I feel so dirty!

I am in love with the next two terrifyingly tiny outfits from Clover Denzo of Totally Tinies. Totally Tinies has made the greatest, bacteria filled Halloween costume I have seen on Second Life. The Tiny Bloody Butcher Lady comes with a squishy looking meat dress, unsanitary knife to the head & holding knife full of meaty meats. Since you are basically a bloody mess it also comes with bloody paw prints that you smear around as you walk.

I’m A Hit At BBQ Parties!

You can also purchase the Tiny Bloody Butcher Guy which comes with a the nasty knife to the head, handheld knife, & butchers apron. A big thank you to Bishop for modeling today. (These two outfits will fit on the tiny avatar.)

Everyone Goes Crazy For A Meat Dressed Warthog!

Hope these give you a few more costume ideas for this Halloween season. I think I need to go take a shower & gnaw on some tofu for a while.

“Tipsy The Terror” Cerulean


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