Apawcolypse Horrors

I want to say that these two virtual Halloween experiences are the most fun I’ve had while searching for scary, haunted areas. I also want to point out that both of them are tiny built BUT absolutely work for any avatar. Both big & small. The tinies know how to make great fun!  They are worth your time.

Once again the tinies of the Raglan Shire have outdone themselves with their two latest items for Shocktober. First up we have the Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G) which just opened up this past weekend. I want to go on record by saying that this is, by far, the BEST DAMN Halloween/Horror ride I have found on Second Life this year. Virtual hands down. It’s interactive, extremely creative, very well done, & both big and tiny avatars can ride in the cars with no issue. It is also a great place to take your virtual family since it is a G area & not as flat-out violent as a lot of haunted SL areas.

Wafflezilla Vs. Giant Octopus!

I’ve gotten kinda tired of the usual “Oh No. It’s Jason killing campers…AGAIN…” feeling while wandering around Second Life. Yes…Freddy was in a zillion movies. He has sharp knife hand finger things. They’ve both fought each other in a movie together. We get it. The Tiny Ride Of Horrors gives you zero on the “OMG…I am so bored!” scale. From evil basement kitties to scary politics they have gone above & beyond in their creativity to bring you a unique experience for everyone.

Basement Kitty Is EVIL!

When you do go & visit The Tiny Ride Of Horrors be sure to have your volume turned up. Be sure to stop & listen to the voice when you first enter the mansion. Follow the directions.  It’s a big part of the experience & worth the time.

Today we get not one but two reviews!  Woo Hoo!

Next up I want to mention the Tiny Apawcolypse (M). The idea is simple. You get  missions, like finding water for the Apawcolypse survivors, & you go out into the zombie infested world to do it. When you return with the items you are rewarded with cool prizes then sent on your way to find something else.  It’s Second Life meets Left 4 Dead. You have your gun, your hud, & a LOT of zombies to take out in the process.

Where Did Your Legs Go Lady Zombie?

There are many zombie killing areas on Second Life. Some with a story & many without. I really enjoy the video game feel of the Tiny Apawcolypse. Having a purpose to run out into the scary world feels so much better than just going out there to “shoot stuff”. Your weapon & hud are completely free so there is no worry of needing something to take down zombies.

I do recommend checking out the Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G) & The Apawcolypse (M) no matter if you are a large or small avatar. I also want to give a big thank you to everyone that worked so hard to put these two places together. You did an excellent job!

“Tipsy” Cerulean



2 responses

  1. It should be noted that the Tiny Ride Of Horrors is a tradition over the last 5 years and is built completely from the ground up by a large group of people who build, design, script, decorate and generally make the Ride a truly unique and fun experience. This year over 20+ tiny folken from the Raglan Shire community worked together to make it all happen. Its definitely worth checking out 🙂

    1. I love the dedication that everyone. You guys did an awesome job!

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