Spooky Short & Sweet

Today I thought I would give you a few quick blips from the Halloween radar. They are all very small places & your visits don’t take very long. Not such a bad thing when you don’t have a lot of time to wander about.

For each one I am going to give you a brief description followed by a positive & negative.  Then you can decide if a quick trip is worth your time!


1. Misty Acres (G) – Family Friendly Amusement Park

Positive: It is a very nice family friendly amusement park that goes all out for every holiday that comes along.

Negative: It is really laggy. This could be just me but I always have lag issues because of all of the stuff/scripts/etc. going on.

2. Steelhead Nevermoor Hedge Maze Harvest Festival (M) – Steelhead Nevermoor currently has a hedge maze/festival going on for the season. 

I Prefer My Doom To Be Certain.

Positive: It is a very pretty area of our little virtual world. It feels like it would be a great place to take photos.

Negative: There are anywhere doors throughout the maze that left me feeling all “Meh!” & the place doesn’t feel festive to me.

3. Zombie Nightmare & Halloween Spookfest (M) – Lot’s of spooky items & zombies stuffed into a small slice of Second Life. 

Fences Keep The Monsters Away.

Positive: If you want a no themed zombie shoot out with a slice of fog & sound effects then this works for you. It’s a quick shoot stuff & go kinda place.

Negative: Some of the items feel dated.

4. Surreal Fall Festival (G) – Through October 31st.

Positive: There are a lot of carnival rides, Hell Hotel Ride, & a paintball area to check out during your visit.

Negative: Of course there is a LOT of shopping. If you’re not into wandering past tents filled with shopping then you’re out of luck.

I also wanted to share the Halloween costume I am wearing today. Today I am actually dressed as a Halloween Cupcake.

I’m Frosted!

I got the Tiny Cupcake Avatar – Hallowe’een from the SL Marketplace. Not only is it a really cute Halloween costume idea it also makes you look delicious.  The entire avatar is only 55L so it’s great if you do a lot of costume changes like I do throughout the season.

“Tipsy The Tasty Cupcake Terror” Cerulean


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