If you are looking for a quick place to visit for Halloween related photos then I suggest checking out Carn’evil (M). It’s the home of Catnip & Love Zombie but besides being a shopping area it is a freak carnival full of horrors.

“But Tipsy I Could Go Just About Anywhere On Second Life To Find Freaks”.  


Yes. Yes you could.

I just wanted to point out the ambiance of the area. Taking a hike down a spooky hill to get to a carnival of horrors is a great touch. Yes…you can pick up a Halloween costume while you are there which is a bonus for those of you who have waited the last-minute to pick a virtual one up. Besides that you can always take the time to check out the carnival decor itself.

Step Right Up!

In the description it says “Role play encouraged, no rules just hide the bodies. Management is not responsible for injuries due to ride malfunction or zombie attacks” Love it! I decided to have a little fun with this & get all horror movie. I was bored & thought it would be fun.

Tipsy Cerulean Is “Tipsy: Drunk Undead”.

I  recommend checking out Carn’evil (M) before it disappears.It’s good for those that are slaves to the SL fashion wheel as well as being perfect for those of us who like well put together areas filled with blood.

“Zombie Tipsy” Cerulean

Horor movie picture edited using PicMonkey. The two other photos were just windlight & cropped.




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