Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween From All Of Us Here At The SLA Review!

I couldn’t leave you without one last funky Halloween review. We hadn’t done an adult area this holiday season and, since it is Second Life, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do this one. 

Haunted Sex House (A)

You can’t have Second Life without running into some sort of sex area. This time around it’s sex in a horror house. It’s one of those house styles that you’ll see all over the grid this year but they made it scream “It’s so scary here! Let’s have sex!”.  Personally, for me, I don’t want to have sex I just want to clean up all of the pose balls people leave out. Some people go to sex areas to actually have sex. I go to sex areas to clean up after people who leave shit laying around.

Moan-a Lisa



I did take a great picture while I was there but I didn’t want to block out the bad parts. We’ve started a new SLA Uncovered site for all of the photos we get that are NSFW. So HERE it is. 

Trust me. It’s a weird picture. And there’s a dildo in it. Tada!

Wishing everyone a very safe & happy Halloween! Have fun today & don’t eat too much candy! 

“Tipsyrella” Cerulean


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