Fridays Are Grid-Tastic!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Yes…it’s finally Friday so it’s time to grab a drink, sit down, & figure out what the hell you are going to do with your virtual weekend. I’ve highlighted a few special events & places to check out if you’re at a loss for activities.


1. Fiesta Village: El Dia De Los Muertos! (M)

” Día de los Muertos” is spanish for “Day Of The Dead. If you don’t know what the Day Of The Dead is all about then I suggest you check it out HERE.

Ends Nov. 4th.

The fest ends on Nov. 4th so check it out before it’s too late!

2. Carneval (M)

MadPea games have done it again with a wickedly horrible evil carnival that opened on Halloween. Even though the holiday is past us I recommend that you check this out. It’s freakishly fun with a great feeling of impending DOOM on top. Just don’t forget to grab a hud when you teleport in.

Eek! Spider!

With the same element that all MadPea games has there are things to be figured out if you want to make it out of this nightmare carnival alive. It’s not for those that only have a few moments to spend. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time & take a friend. You never know when you might need a vict…a friend.

3. Cica Ghost’s Black & White World (M)

An entire world where everything is black & white. Look through drawn houses as you watch stick people dance in the black rain. Sit by the drawn pond  & watch the sketched waves.

Dancing In The Sketched Rain!

This place is, flat-out, amazing. It’s like stepping into a pencil drawing & walking through the scene. Only thing I can say about this place is “GO!”.

4. Forest Of D’Avaria (M)

I really enjoy areas of Second Life that recreate nature without adding a shopping mall & advertisements to ruin the idea. This forest does not ruin the idea of taking a virtual hike through a forest. It’s perfect for those that are looking for a place to walk around, take a date/friend/buddy/whatever, or to take beautiful photos.

It Was Chilly So I Wore A Sweater.

The listing says that you can ride a dragon or horse around the park. I did not see any of these things but I did see a canoe rezzer at the landing point. There is plenty of waterways to traverse so taking a canoe would be a fun adventure. I do insist that you beware of some strange-looking flowers. Trust me because I took a peek at one & it not only tried to eat me it also tried to poison me. FUN! 

Whatever you decide to do this weekend have fun, be safe, & enjoy yourself!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

For those that are actually DYING to know where I got the stuff I’m wearing today:

Biggie Outfit: 

Indyra Originals Coquette Noir – Kelsi Pumps: Noir (RC)

Indyra Originals RTW & Mesh: Garbo (RC)

Tiny Outfit:

MishMish – Annie Outfit (Sweater & Pants)  The sweater has a really awesome deer on it!


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