Election 2012 Drinking Game

I know that many of us will be watching the returns tonight in the Presidential Election. For those that will be hiding in SL & trying to avoid any political chit-chat I have a plan where you don’t have to get into a heated argument. Let’s just drink! This is a perfect idea for anyone who wants to throw an election night SL party or just need a great excuse to start drinking.

Tipsy’s Election 2012 Drinking Game.

1. Anytime anyone mentions the fact that “Ohio” is an important state to win Take A Drink.

2. If they say that a state is “Too Close To Call!” Take A Shot.

3. If “Binders Full Of Woman” is mentioned then Take A Shot.

4.  If a long shot of a line of voters is shown then Chug Until They Are Done Showing The Line.

5. Chug Directly Out Of The Bottle if a friend or relative on any social media posts something about “If (insert candidate) wins I’m moving to a different country!”.

6. Take A Drink when a state is declared red or blue.

7. Take A Shot if someone uses the word “Landslide”.

8. Take A Drink if someone uses the word “Bible Belt“. Take A Shot if you live in the “bible belt.”

9, Chug From The Bottle if they interview a “man on the street” that says something flat-out stupid.

10. Take A Drink for the words “Battleground States” or “Projected Winner“.

Don’t forget to vote! And please…drink responsibly!

“Tipsy” (For Second Life President) Cerulean


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